Day 19- soaking up the sun

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Day 19- soaking up the sun

After a night of rowing on Galaxy velvet smooth waters, under the moon that was heavily covered by cloud, the sunrise brought with it crisp clear blue skies. It was like we rowed out of the clouds that we’d been under the majority of the time since we left Santa Barbara and onto the next chapter of the row which maybe brings calm waters, Easterly winds and 12hrs solid of uninterrupted sunshine (here’s wishing!!).
Today was beautiful on the oars, we all reminisced of our dip in the ocean & chuckled at our Coxless crew style remake of calendar girls. But with such amazing sunshine it only asked for great music to be played but unfortunately our on deck speakers hadn’t been working since we left SB, so I decided today was the day to fix it. I discovered a loose connection of the wiring, so with a bit of tweaking we once again had tunes through the speakers, which has been awesome! There’s nothing like singing your heart out at the top of your voice to Katy Perry-Firework (Heather I thought of you). We had Nats iPod on for the afternoon which has some great playlists of songs I haven’t heard for years, it never ceases to amaze me that no matter how long, you can still remember every lyric to songs not listened to for a decade!

When there is music there has to be dance & I keep finding myself attempting to bust some moves whilst also rowing. So far this has mainly led to smashing my thumbs or shins, not quite the desired affect, so think a few shoulder shrugs and head popping will be the extent of the skills. Nat too has been attempting it so I think when we next partner up, we’ll be putting a wee routine together- small things keep us amused!

Personal messages:
Lily – so lovely to have a message from you Lils, thank you! So funny that you’re working with Walshy, blast from the past. Hope he’s ok though, he’s certainly in great hands if he’s needing treatment and pass on my wishes to him for successful training and prep for Rio. Say hi to Stu for me too and congratulations on the tri results, knew you’d smash it!
Mary & Darren – herrrow! I think of you both most nights, as I tend to have a peppermint tea out on the oars to keep me warm at night and yes Darren, the teabag is always left in ;)! If a film was made then the more tasking question is who would play you two? Clearly Jason Statham is a given and then Mary – Julia Roberts (the only hot red head I can think of!).



  1. Johnnie says:

    Brilliant that you had the chance for a swim and the conditions seem to be improving. It looked like either the swim or some dodgy current sent you north and East (!) for a while yesterday.
    I wonder how deep the water is where you swam – do you have any chance of fishing for your supper? The idea of some tuna sushimi might be nice after all that dried food.
    Murray still winning – now in the quarters

  2. Andrew says:

    Fantastic, that you managed to go for a swim and I’m sure the shower was wonderful too.

    You continue to inspire us all. My team have been working hard promoting your journey, so hopefully the social media hits are rising.
    Heres an example of some of the responses’:’

    ‘Great to see the crew’s progress has been so positive and that the spirits are buoyant. Swimming in the middle of the Pacific must be amazing…. Am avidly following the event now! I’m Chairman of our cricket club and will be putting out a post in the next newsletter asking everyone to follow it so hopefully will generate a few more social media followers’

    I never miss a blog, it’s great to read about your daily activities and to get an incline of life on the Pacific on Doris.



  3. Heather says:

    Can’t beat a bit of Katy Perry!! And don’t stop dancing….reckon you’ll master some unique moves you can teach us all on your return!
    So pleased you’re progressing well now & hope it stays on your side. Me, Ads & Pip send our love (oh I i think maybe Sandra bullock to play you in the film? OR the main actress from New Girl?!!) xx

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