Day 2 at Sea


Day 2 at Sea

Today was the day we lost sight of shore! The days are already beginning to blur and the ocean showed her power by treating us to humpback whales. We were surrounded by 3 of them for a large portion of the day. Wow! What a spectacular and petrifying sight to see one of these magnificent creatures breaching a mere 15m from the boat. The adrenaline was pumping and we didn’t know where to look. Even the sounds they make are awe inspiring. Got a message from Tony with the forecast for the next 48 hrs. As expected wind speed will be increasing and with it bringing large swells. We rowed over and dropped down 20/30ft waves until nightfall and then lashed everything down on deck, put out a line, went into the cabins and spent the night battened down and putting our faith in Doris. We’re being pushed East instead of West/Southwest, so not ideal. Most still feeling seasick.



  1. Hump back whales.- What a great start to the adventure. Shirty u r all seasick – “this too will pass”
    X David

  2. Helen says:

    Wow, what an adventure you girls are on. I look forward to hearing the updates! Keep it up, the sea sickness will pass.

  3. Simon TY says:

    Think of the poor whales: what a spectacular and petrifying siight to see the Coxless Crew in full stride !I am sure after yr diet you will be able to make some awe inspiring sounds as well. Hope today is a good one X

  4. Sean Collins says:

    Sounds inspiring and nerve racking! Hope you have some clear nights to enjoy the stars. In news from home Tesco posted an annual loss of £6.4billion and a sheepdog took control of a tractor and drove it onto the M74

  5. Well done Coulees Crew! A good start. You’re being tested in many ways… this is where all your training kicks in, teamwork and effort will get you through the next few days. Great that you’re already experiencing ocean wildlife! Well done Coulees Crew, you’re setting a fine example to many! Best wishes from Gloucestershire 🙂

  6. Rich Shelton says:

    keep going ladies, what an adventure already! Power through the sickness, your bodies must be adjusting. Looking forward to more tales. Great blog. Keep the spirits up x

  7. Pete says:

    What an amazing challenge for you all and an amazing experience. We will be following you all the way, keep safe and let’s hope the wind is kind. XX

  8. Jackie says:

    keep up the good work ladies xx

  9. Karan says:

    Thinking of you all sounds amazing xxx

  10. Valerie King says:

    Following you all and Doris several times a day. So close to hump back whales what an amazing sight – unbelievable but also a little unnerving. I hope the sea sickness passes and your adventure continues going well. Thoughts are always with you all.

  11. sarah Lee says:

    Wow, Whales, dolphins, the open ocean, how privileged are you! What an incredible voyage you are on. The people that have experienced what you are experiencing can probably be counted on the fingers of one hand, ( or maybe two),, awesome, dont forget to enjoy it! xxx

  12. Catherine says:

    So sorry to hear about the sea sickness. I empathise. Totally miserable making.

    Very envious you have whale company. They must be thinking there’s a new species in town. Smaller. Different colour. Specialised surface swimmer. Not good at talking under water.

    Hope the wind doesn’t push you too far off course.

  13. Lynda says:

    Following you in spirit. So glad you have seen humpback whales and dolphins. I hope the seasickness goes away soon and the winds turn in your favor.

  14. Dolphin’s yesterday, Whales today, you are being treated to the red carpet treatment by the Gods of the Sea 🙂

    I can only imagine that this is a humbling and exhilarating experience combined.

    That seasickness seems to be a pesky blighter I’m sure as time passes you’ll find a rhythm that will allow this to pass.

    The map so far is blowing my mind, the currents must be strong to take your course South, keep going!!!

  15. Pat says:

    I am going to check in daily to see how you all are making it. Hang with it you can do it. Women can do anything…You are well prepared for the trip. Love the hot pink boat.

  16. Dutch says:

    Hang in there Heroes! All of Travis Air Force Base is awed by your amazing courage. We’re sending good thoughts your way (though I wish I could send calm seas).

  17. Dennis Webb says:

    Hi Ladies,

    We sailed buy you the day before you left when that big container ship went by, send some photos if you can a very unbelievable and cool thing you girls are doing, sorry to hear about the sea sickness that really sucks, drag a fishing line it’s salmon season.

    If it doesn’t feel ok ask for help!

    Stay strong

  18. Andrea Herr says:

    Wow – how spectacular for you all to see magnificent humpback whales so close up! Your journey is going to be filled with wonder and awe – along with you amazing women, working so hard! Hope you’ve all found your sea-legs. Be safe – sending love. X

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