Day 36 – That’s Ocean rowing!

Emma Mitchell By

Day 35 – That’s ocean rowing!

I am writing this blog in a small and smelly cabin on Nat’s mobile phone as our iPad is having a few issues. I’m trying to rewrite the blog post about night shifts which I spent ages typing on the iPad while eating porridge with the other hand. However I keep getting disturbed by climbing out on deck to see a pod of whales which are passing the boat. They are massive and seem very interested in Doris as they keep coming really close to say hello. That’s ocean rowing for you! We are still finally making good progress in the right direction and Hawaii is getting closer by the day. We’ll keep you posted on the wildlife, iPad and weather situation and stay posted for the night shift blog coming soon.



  1. sarah Lee says:

    Hi, I loved this blog, short sweet, funny, and to the point, it was like, Ok so Im gonna tell you whats happening, but I really want to go look at the whales, Excellent!

  2. Kev says:

    You must be having a whale of a time!

    I love reading your blogs.

    Wishing you fair tides and good speed

  3. Jim Andrews says:

    I think, Emma, that was the most honest assessment so far!!!! ? How can you possibly describe what you are experiencing? Thank you for trying! Keep safe lovely ladies. XX

  4. Short and sweet but immensely entertaining. Those of us who are following your progress are extremely grateful that you always find the time and the energy to share the daily updates. I certainly look forward to them and am so full of admiration and awe for you all. Girl power! Keep on rowing xxc

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