Day 44 – The Coxless Quiz!

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Day 44 – The Coxless Quiz

It’s Coxless quiz time!

Life on Doris is mainly very repetitive interspersed with moments of pure hilarity, complete peace, grinning happiness and exhilaration. Excitingly we’ve had two consecutive days where we have travelled our furthest yet miles in the right direction. The sun is out and in comparison to the first half of this leg we are flying along towards Hawaii with high spirits amongst the team. We’ve been writing our daily blogs for over two months now and have hopefully given you a bit of an idea of what it’s like to live on a 29ft ocean rowing boat as well as an insight into our different personalities. As such I have put together some ‘who dunnit?’ questions for you our followers. See if you can guess which of us was involved in each of the situations described below. A mystery prize might be in store for the first person to get all 10 questions correct. Answers to follow in my next blog.

1) We get variety and entertainment in our day in a number of ways on board Doris. One of us has taken to speaking in a ridiculous accent at all times? Depending on the accent of the day this can either be hilariously funny or slightly annoying. Who is the one with many voices?

2) There are many perilous jobs on Doris especially in rough conditions including washing up but which one of us stupidly managed to throw their Tupperware overboard on the calmest day we’ve had?

3) Sleep deprivation is a funny thing and getting up for each night rowing shift is like being woken unceremoniously in the middle of the night and it takes us a while to wake up properly. Which two of us have got their heads stuck in the leg of their leggings when mistaking them for a top while getting ready for the night shift?

4) Food is a hot topic on Doris and when on the oars we are always checking what the other pair are eating on their off shift. It’s been a while and we’re starting to get a bit inventive with our meals. Which one of us mixed an all day breakfast with a beef curry for dinner but thought it was disgusting when another of us ate toffee pudding with apple and custard?

5) We all love a good singsong on the oars and are working on Coxless Crew the musical with a few hit numbers such as ‘Glamorous’, ‘ Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me’ and ‘I see you baby talcing that arse’. Some of us are more tuneful than others but which of us sings the most?

6) We are really lucky so far on our journey to have seen a lot of different wildlife. Which team member has a generic call she uses to attract all animals from household pets to whales, dolphins, birds and turtles?

7) We all have a piece of sheepskin to put on our seats while rowing and have each named them. They are called Bono, Shaun, Sally and Freddie. Can you guess which belongs to each crew member?

8) The footwell in the aft cabin has many uses including washing, jetboiling, making water and storing our kit at night to name a few? However the area also tends to collect water, hair, sweet wrappers etc which particularly upsets one team member. Who is it that hates the footwell the most?

9) Until a few days ago for the majority of the time the backs of our hands were the only parts of us exposed to the sun while the rest of us was wrapped up in wet weather gear, hats, buffs and glasses. We all have very brown hands but who has the most tanned hands?

10) The last few days has seen a shift in conditions on Doris from cloudy and cool to hot and sunny. As such our cabin has turned into a very sweaty sauna. One way to let in some air is to open the port hatch a little. In the last couple of days two rowers have ended up with a faceful of seawater whilst doing this when an errant wave washed over the stern. Which rowers are in trouble with the hatch monitor? For a bonus point who is the hatch monitor?



  1. jean says:

    I have a pretty good idea which ones might be Isabel!!
    Speed on to Hawaii xxx

  2. Simon TY says:

    No entries to the quiz ? Oh no, hope you not feeing neglected…….one quick question….are you reading our banal ramblings on here ? assume you are, but not sure if should be emailing instead ?

    Thought of you as Max and I hired a rowing boat at Northiam Boating station and I ploughed my way up the River Rother. Think my boat significantly slower than Doris and the stupid oars kept slipping the gates. Anyhow, after an hour, not helped by Max ( aged 3, who thought it was a pirate boat, and was disappoined we saw no other pirates), and I was sunburnt, dehydrated and blistered. No whales, just dead fish, gunk in the river and hundreds of LBJs ( you are all birdwatchers now but yours are BGLWSJs ( Bloody Great Long Wing Span Jobs)). Terrible swell of up to 1cm in the wind and a strong breeze pushing me back South East.

    Cannot answer any of your questions, though think LP capable of most.

    Love to you all and amazing progress. Santa Barbara has now disappeared off the right side of the map


  3. JG says:

    Well here goes – randomly:

    2.Emma (wouldnt call the others stupid!)
    3.Emma – Laura
    5. Isabel
    7. Bono- Isabel
    Shaun – Laura
    Sally – Emma
    Freddie – Natalie
    8. Natalie
    9. Natalie
    10. Pass

    Pure guesswork based on nothing.

    You’re doing really well. Not just rowing across the Pacific but producing a serious study into all aspects of your existence and survival out there. In a few days you will be at the 3/4 point so, very professionally done! The book that you will write will have so much fascinating detail in it that it will rank among the best.

  4. Barney says:

    Emma, are you sure the blog contains the answers? I have read the blog every day and I can’t answer more than 4! Maybe living your journey is playing with my memory retention!

  5. Simon says:


    I have no idea on some of these answers but some of the scenarios are hilarious.

    Can’t stop chuckling ….. you are all truly inspirational.


  6. Robert says:

    Maybe you should employ the router of the 210 bus from Finsbury Park bus station to Golders Green as your routing person? The buses always seem to be on time, come wind or shine:)
    Barney, your memory is ok, trust me …

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