Day 60 – Introducing who’s behind

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Day 60 – Introducing who’s behind

Everyday we look forward to switching on our iridium go and receiving your emails that have been sent to, it’s honestly the highlight of our day. As we only have 1 email account on the boat and it takes some time to download text, we set up doris@ so that emails could be filtered from signatures, smiley faces, attachments etc. & then forwarded on to us. There is one amazing little fairy that does this for us, once again volunteering her precious time… Kirsten Samuel. I had mentioned Kirsten in a previous blog of Nat’s this week, when asked which friends or family I’d have in the boat, kirst is on my list. However I’d like to point out this is hypothetical as having previously asked Kirsten there was no hesitation in her response- No! After taking Kirst kayaking and seeing her go white as a sheet on millpond waters, I can see why, although I guess I can’t comment after being sea sick for 10days straight! The reason I would have K in the boat is because she is a glass half full type of girl. She is one of the most generous people I know and is always so thoughtful regardless how busy she is. When Kirst and I met she was a patient of mine at Pure Sports Medicine, we clicked almost immediately and I knew then that we’d become good friends. At the time Kirsten was one of the leading females working at HP(Hewlett Packard). When I started getting involved in the row, she took the bold step to retire from HP and set up her own business. In less than a year she had set up Kamwell ( and now just 2years on she has a thriving, successful business. I’m so proud of her, Kirsten is without a doubt one of the most dedicated, focused and caring people I know. Regardless of how busy she is, she always makes time for you and the fact that she fits in sorting our emails, whilst running her own business and not to mention preparing for her own wedding in less than 3months time, the girl is a machine and an inspiration.

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If you’d like to send us or Kirsten an email, then we’d love to hear from you at

Personal messages:
Hannah Head – thank you for your lovely email, can’t believe you were in California that wedding sounds epic! Also, 10km swim missus is monumental! Let me know if you’re doing it for charity and can you send me the date when it is? Loads of love to Henry and little Arlo plus Butler of course xx

Michelle – how did the sports day go? Did you win the mums race?? X

Heather – is Pip still chewing the house up and how’s Adams training, can you let me know the date of his cycle? X



  1. simonty says:

    Looking very close now ? Smell the cocktails ? Or the shower ? or the crisp poplin sheets ? Is there a reef around Hawaii ? Do you have to be careful about where you land ?

    Novac just beat the crowd favourite our Rog. Another Wimbledon flashes past. Lord’s Test next week.

  2. Steve Hubert says:

    Wonderful post Laura x

  3. Liz Davey says:

    Delighted you are nearing completion of your first leg of your amazing journey girls. We will be with you in spirit when you get reunited with your families, I know Babs and Ray can’t wait.

    We will be waiting to hear all about it on their return. We are so proud of you all and when we have little difficulties in our lives we only have to think of you guys and they pale into insignificance. Good luck God speed and enjoy the celebrations in Hawaii you have certainly earned it, only downside may be that you won’t be able to enjoy one of Aunty Marie’s Cornish pasties! Xxxxxx

    • JG says:

      Hopefully someone will be taking four of Auntie Marie’s pasties out to Honolulu. Maybe Elf’nsafety would prevent them getting on the flight. Don’t think E&S applies to Doris and Crew somehow. I cannot conceive of anything more injurious to health and less safe than what you guys are up to at the mo. Tucked up in the tiny cabins like sardines whilst Ela batters your little boat is the stuff of nightmares for me. I salute you. Enjoy Hawaii – you have certainly earned that.

  4. Sian Knights my daughter in Truro told me about Laura Pennell and your team. Will power you can make it. Guts and more will power. Botswana Africa (we are in the middle of bad drought)

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