Days 37 & 38 – Peaks and Troughs

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Days 37 and 38 – Peaks and Troughs

The last two days have been marked by technological difficulties. The screen on my Kindle broke first, followed by an iPad that we have on board. I am sad to lose my Kindle as had really been enjoying reading on my off shifts. More important though is the loss of the iPad. We were using it to write and send our daily blogs and emails and to take some photos. We are now using a phone as back up, which is very frustrating, so our blogs might be a little shorter from now on.

On the Pacific, every downturn seems accompanied by a positive though, and the last 48 hours have been rich in wildlife. The pod of 6 enormous whales right next to the boat yesterday in addition to an amazing large electric blue fish with a yellow tail, inquisitive albatross and other birds very close have kept our spirits high.

Nighttime storytelling continues and our collective repertoire is expanding all the time. Last night I told the story of Braveheart and Ems reciprocated with Cool Runnings, a film we both love. We were crying with tears by the end of it recalling some of the one liners.

We are currently keeping a course over ground of 200 degrees as we have been advised that there is an area of high pressure North of us that we should veer South of if we can. The exciting development is that we have passed 1000 nautical miles since leaving San Francisco. You can now see Doris and the Hawaiian islands on the same page of our chart plotter as we make slow but steady progress towards Honolulu!



  1. Jim Andrews says:

    Look after that back up phone, I am sure I speak for many, when I say, We need our daily fix of adventure on the high seas! Great progress being made, sad about the kindle and ipad but look after that Phone! Stay safe. XX

  2. Caz bullard says:

    Well done all- you’re making amazing progress and I hope the hands are not too sore/hardened up!! All is well back in the UK- just had a mini attempt at a thunder storm, but a normal English summer- warm, humid and cloudy!! Thought of you all as I finished expedition Africa adventure race- 500km run, bike and kayak, round swaziland as 100k on the kayaks was enough let alone what you guys are doing!! Have fun and savour all the fantastic memories – catch up back on dry land xxx

  3. Robert says:

    Good move, your 200 degree course will take you back down to the trade winds which are created by the high that you have rowed right into the center of. The first month took so long because you were rowing across the trade winds into the center of the high instead of with them. Also a fast ocean row gets about a third of the power from the rower & two thirds from a following wind. The force of the wind on the cross section of your boat exposed to it is proportional to the square of the wind speed, so a 20 knot wind will push 4 times harder on Doris than a 10 knot wind. Calm like at the center of a high is something to be avoided. There are good winds South of 25 degrees North.

  4. Robert says:

    Oops, I should have said: “You covered so little ground in the first month because …”

  5. JG says:

    Doing well girls!! Tropic of Cancer not far from you with good strong trades straight for Honolulu. Really sorry to hear of bust iPad and Kindle. Almost half way now and presumably you will be able to replace them in Hawaii in about a month’s time. Meanwhile what an experience with whales, sharks and exotic fish ! You have an idyllic existence out there barring the rubbish. Simplicity of life not too unlike the 8 years I spent living in the desert. Thanks for phone cast – fascinating hearing your voices from a small bouncing vessel in the middle of the Pacific. Great stuff.

  6. Simon TY says:

    Hi, sorry, been away three days. Then busy day yesterday, school sports day. Feel guilty not checking in and leaving messages. I really hope the messages and support do not seem to dry up, or at least it not feel that way from your boat. There are hundreds of us watching the dots, checking the daily miles, willing you on. Makes our hurried, “busy” lives feel rather irrelevant. I wonder what Whales ? i have no idea if all whales roam the deep oceans ? or whether krill is better near the coast ? Have you tried singing to them ? could you in Hawaii pick up an underwater transmitter and call them ? How close have they been ? Close enought to get the full smell ? ( which is pretty bloomin smelly). Has any bird landed on the boat yet ? the seabirds will fly for ever, but one day there will be a little bird, off course, longing for a quiet dry perch ( is that how you spell perch, or have I suggested they land on a fish ????). Anyhow, lots of love, well done

  7. Haz says:

    Once again great to read how well you ladies are doing! I’m envious of the wildlife you’re seeing! Especially the Albatross! I wonder if it was a yellowfin tuna you saw?! Keep up the hardwork. There are guys from my rowing club who rowed the Atlantic Challenge and that was tough – you’re all very courageous to take on such a challenge and adventure. Looking forward to your next update xx

  8. Your daily insights and progress have moved us beyond comprehension. We are full of admiration and are so proud to be a small part of your journey. We are with you every row as the voice of your plan. Be unstoppable.

    Very best wishes Andrew & Simon

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