Days in Santa Barbara…

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Back on land!

What a strange sensation being back on solid ground.
I’ve spent blocks of time on boats before. My longest stint was similar in time to what we’ve just done on Doris – but the feeling I had stepping back on land this time was the strangest by far. Instead of the usual sea legs – when you walk in a zig zag, I actually felt like Mr Soft! Do you remember Mr Soft? I was bobbing up and down and almost strutting my way down the pontoon and felt blind drunk! It was bizarre.
This feeling has remained with us for the last couple of days…and is only now subsiding.
Slipping back into our monophasic sleeping pattern has actually taken a little adjustment for some but personally I’m enjoying a bed and the long period of continuous hours spent in it.

My first shower was a little disappointing as I had offered to go in the slightly dodgy looking bathroom with the large bath tub and hand held shower as I was not washing my hair. I had taken the decision to tackle the hair wash and comb first thing in the morning as my hair was almost beginning to dread and figured it would take a while to remedy. As it turned out the shower actually didn’t work and so I had to crouch near the taps in the bath tub and splash water over me fairly ineffectively to clean.
Far from ideal and if this had been Hawaii and my first shower in over 55 days – I would probably have cried. All good though…as it had only been 16 days as we are in Santa Barbara!! Something to bare in mind though. I may have to send Tony to do a shower recce in Honolulu.

We’ve spent the last couple of days getting things sorted with Doris. Although we obviously have the main job of fixing the electronics, this unscheduled stop has also given us an opportunity to make minor adjustments and improvements that we wouldn’t ordinarily have done. Every cloud has a silver lining.
We’ve all busied ourselves with different jobs on the boat and I’ve had the opportunity to use the drill again. I love drills!!
It’s also been great being in Santa Barbara as it’s a weird and wonderful place. Everyone seems to have got the work/lifestyle ratio spot on.
As they are laid back and clearly enjoy the mild climate and seaside location. Everyone, young or old, actually looks like a surfer!!

We had a little contamination in one of our snack pack hatches and lost 20 snack packs due to water damage, so we are also re-packing those as well as the 40 odd other snack packs that we went through during the 16 days at sea. Lots of dried mango going into these ones as this is everyone’s favourite treat.

Snack pack


One of the biggest positives about coming back to land on an unscheduled stop as been the fact that we have had an opportunity to see how much amazing support we have behind us. It’s humbling, motivating and uplifting and is only making us want to get back out there quicker. Thank you so much everyone.
Words fail to express how much you are all inspiring us. You are all incredible! x

We also want to give some extra thanks to Ella and Kirsten who make up our incredible support team and have been doing the wonderful job of keeping us informed out on the ocean and keeping the website and social media pages up to date with news, stories and insights. You’re superstars and we can’t thank you enough for helping us to share our journey. It wouldn’t be what it is without you guys.

We will keep you updated with our estimated departure date but we are hoping to be ready from Saturday.



  1. Simon TY says:

    16 days at sea then squatting in a bathtub. U deserve better than that. Anyone in Santa Barbara would have taken you in and given you a good hose down.

    You will have learned a staggering amount from the first stint at sea: how Doris moves; the best way to sleep; how to cope with winds pushing you backwards; what snacks are best; how many hundreds of birdwatchers want to help; what names suit whales.

    Good luck in getting away tomorrow. Get those dots moving again XX

  2. Gillian Rowe says:

    Don’t know who you are Simon but I echo your comments and sentiments completely so no point in repeating.
    You are all wonderful, powerful women. Bon voyage Take 2!!

  3. pat mitchell says:

    Rest refuel you soul you will need it. Take several long relaxing baths. Think and clear the mind. Is the time really right?Are you really able to do this. It’s OK to stay on land. Make a shorter trip.. you will be loved and supported what ever the decision. How many of the millions of people in the world would risk their own lives for this.??I am with you on land or in the.water just be safe. what ever you all decide it’s ok. It’s really ok. For now eat relax and enjoy.

  4. Meg Dyos Meg Dyos says:

    Yes girls!! Keep going – can’t wait to see you! xxx

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