Getting things done


It’s been another busy and productive day on the beautiful island of Samoa.

Ems and Meg talked about routines on the boat and then packed Doris up with all the snack packs and hygiene items. Meg also polished the solar panels as well as running through some more emergency drills with LP.

Cleaning Solbian solar panels

Lizanne with the help of her amazing parents were cutting sheepskin (an invaluable job as we all know how important the comfort of our bums are!!) and sterilizing all our water bottles and tupperware.

Ems and Lizanne had their interviews with Sarah and Ems also finished all the outstanding boat maintenance with Tony.

LP and Meg were very kindly invited onto Wendy and Ian’s catamaran where they had a beer and snacks whilst discussing the row. They are moored next to Doris and have been incredibly helpful and supportive over the last few days. They even helped us identify Fernando as a Galapagos shark. So a huge thank you to them.

On yacht

Today was a day off for Natalia and she headed out with the amazing Xavier or ‘X’ as he is known, who took her to one of the best Academy’s of traditional Samoan Dance, Music and Arts on the island and introduced her the dance group called Le Taupou Manaia. They are called upon to perform at all the significant events on the island and may even be dancing with Miss Samoa next week.

Natalia received a wonderfully warm welcome from the fantastic teacher Korina Lee and her girls. After doing a brief talk about the row and answering some questions, she watched the welcome dance or siva, tried her hand at some basic moves and then taught the team a little salsa!!

It was a fantastic experience and a great insight into the Samoan culture. X was the perfect tour guide and has a strong cultural connection and passion. He has the most wonderful outlook on life and is deeply inspiring and informative.


The day ended with a last supper for Lizanne at Paddles Italian restaurant. It was a little emotional as we said our farewells to the beautiful soul that she is as she will be greatly missed. Her spirit, however, will join Izzy’s on the boat and Lizanne will travel with us all the way to Australia.

Last dinner for Lizanne

All six of us now have a presence and the team is complete. Bring on the final leg of the journey! x



  1. Jim Andrews says:

    Nicely put. Best wishes to Lizanne and good luck Meg and the now hardened crew of Doris. I have no idea when you are leaving Samoa, a week seems like a very short rest period for what you have put yourselves through. If your departure is imminent, I wish you all the very best of luck with wind weather and currents. I hope this turns out to be the best leg of your courageous challenge and you make it to Cairns in time for Christmas, but above all, Stay safe. XX

  2. JG says:

    Brings a tear to the eye. I don’t know if it’s just photgraphy but it seems to me that some of the girls are positively skinny. Not surprising after what you have been through but hopefully some of it can go back on in a week. Bummer about Doris afterwards. Need to put my thinking cap on. I’m thinking initially about a cargo steamer that might have a charitable outlook. Maybe the Royal Navy has a ship in the area. Keep having fun JG

  3. Paul says:

    Best of luck as this final leg beckons. Your very many supporters & well wishers will be cheering your every stroke! Safe travels. Kind seas.

  4. Anna Pollock says:

    Am enjoying reading about your stay in Samoa and seeing so many smiles. Particularly happy Natalia that you were able to hang out with the amazing “X” who did so much to motivate and organise folks long before your arrival in Doris was recognised as a happening. My thoughts and prayers will be with you that a favourable current gently but persistently and consistently nudges you towards Australia. You are each and all amazing.

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