Hello from the Pacific! Day 23


A very special update via the sat phone today from Izzy and Emma!!



  1. JG says:

    Great to hear your voices live from Doris bouncing about on the Pacific. Shame you are being soaked so often – hopefully another period of calm will arrive soon. You are making such good progress now and already over the 128 Easting. There’s about 52 miles between eastings on your current Northing so every two days you clear another Easting. The book you will write on this challenge and all it’s aspects of selection, training, preparation, boat design and all the adjustments you make mentally and physically as you go along will be a great read. We need to hear your Coxless’s channel voices on the One Show. Is that scheduled I wonder?

  2. Simon TY says:

    Amazing to hear voices. The wonder of technology. Are we ever going to see video of fancy dress day, swimming day, four of you in one cabin, Albert, Dolphins, helicopters. Already a hundred stories to tell.

    You seem to have turned SE ? Has the wind changed ?

    XXX keep going

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