Inspiration through Speaking


8,446 nautical miles and 257 days later and our expedition across the Pacific is finally over. The journey, however, doesn’t end here.

Now we have completed our mission and we’re back on firm ground, we have all gained insights that we want to share with the world.
Natalia, Laura and Emma have done TEDx talks and we have done numerous team talks over the last year:

*The Royal Geographical Society *Night of Adventure *Adventure Travel Show *Withers LLP *BBC *Schools and Award ceremonies

 We are available for paid speaking engagements as a team as well as individual speaking engagements.

To find out more about each team member and what they offer, please contact the respective crew member:

Natalia Cohen:              Tel:+44 (0)7918 528045    Web:   Email:

Laura Penhaul:               Tel: +44 (0)7812 048895    Email:

Emma Mitchell:             Tel: +44(0)7841 921252      Email:

Isabel Burnham:           Tel: +44(0)7766 241857      Email:

Lizanne Van Vuuren:  Tel: +27 (0)7979 84045      Email:

Meg Dyos:                        Tel: +44(0)7557 969702     Email:

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