Last day in Australia


It’s our last day in Australia! Most of our unbelievably supportive parents have left, and it’s been amazing having a lovely day to ourselves. We have been catching up on sleep and swimming in the pool before we head back to England tomorrow.

This evening we will be heading down to Salt House where we came into last Monday to have a cocktail on Meg’s Aunty Linda who gave us some money to celebrate. We can’t believe that we have only been here for 6 days! So much has happened, but we’re still not entirely sure whether our feet have fully touched the ground.

A huge thank you to Queens Court and all of their staff, Shanna, Trish, Donna and Tracy for all of their amazing hospitality towards us.

See you all in England!



  1. Jim Andrews says:

    And so the final curtain comes down on your epic journey. Safe journey home to cold wet England, where the nation are in mourning for the sad loss of Sir Terry Wogan. Last day of January and I am losing track of the Famous names we have lost this year. We need our girls back home to celebrate some good news! Are you booked on the One Show yet?
    Safe and enjoyable journey Ladies. XX

  2. JG says:

    End of campaign,tidy up equipment and crew checked and everything put away. Thankyous all done acknowledgements made and now back to base and time for the post campaign stage to kick off. Debrief for sponsors, fundraising and the all-important rehabilitation process – health checks emotional calibration etc.
    I am looking forward to reading all about it seeing Sarah’s film and reading your book.
    JB has put up a link on his website that shows the detail of his track and in parts it looks as if a demented fly has landed in the ink illustrating just how hard it really is to row across the Pacific Ocean.
    We’ve had a hint of it here and there in the blogpostings but I feel that it has been played down somewhat
    I hope when the tale is told it will be warts and all
    I hope Emma gets her rowing mojo back and that she and Laura fill out again soon!
    Good luck girls – Have fun.

  3. Simon TY says:

    Jim and JG , I have not checked in here for a couple of days. The girls are back in the UK I believe. No idea if any media at Heathrow to welcome them.

    Not sure whether there will be blogs to come, but I will check in about a week. I did wonder whether, cos it would be quite funny, they might leave the transponder on so we can see Doris coming back, presumably by sea, zigzagging to Suez or Panama.

    Anyhow, no,idea if I will meet either of you. If there is a party of reunion in the UK I hope to attend, but I have no idea where you are based even.

    I hope we did our small bit to encourage, exhort, amuse, lift and just distract six remarkably brave women. More balls than I have.

    So, gday. Probably……Out.


  4. Jim Andrews says:

    Laura’s dad has kindly messaged me to let me know that the girls are on tonights (Wednesday-03/02/2016) BBC The One Show. For those, loyal, UK based peeps, who check in here for updates!
    Simon TY, I am sure that our brand of humour, communication and perseverance did a little to lift the girls at various points in their journey. I have certainly, felt the warmth of appreciation in a couple of responses and messages. Yours, JG’s and others have all contributed to my “Coxless Crew” experience, which has been the highlight of my 2015.

  5. JG says:

    Just listened to and watched Natalia on Radio 4 talking to Michal Hussein (another of my favourite people)

    See here:

    The usual immaculate presentation by this amazing woman adventurer

  6. Christine says:

    Just watched you on the One Show! Feeling relieved that you are home safe and sound and absolutely delighted that Matt and Alex confirmed your world records, I hadn’t realised it wasn’t confirmed! Congratulations!
    Will continue to follow you through your website and look forward to perhaps attending a ‘do”!
    To echo Jims post, the Coxless Crew Journey has been a highlight of my 2015 too!
    With very best wishes
    Christine. Xxx

  7. JG says:

    Good to see the Crew in the studio looking well and in very good shape. Clearly the Pacific is a beneficial place to be! To learn that their record has reached the Guinness Book of Records was the gilding on the crown.


    I was struck by the stark contrast on the One Show between the very impressive aura of professionalism ancd achievement of the five members of the Crew and the rest of the show. It was the equivalent of seeing a glorious technicolour super-film amongst a random pile of black and white flicks.

    So great has been the Crews commitment to their challenge and to each other for 9 months that the post challenge period will seem like a bereavement almost.

    Nothing will match the adrenalin for some time.

    My only regret was not seeing that wonderful little burst of sunshine, Lizanne van Vuuren, on the sofa too.

    Be interested to read about the outcome of the GSK HPL assessments.

    Good luck – have fun.

    • Barney says:

      I didn’t see the show but did the producers not get Lizanne on a video link if they couldn’t get her to the studio? I do hope her new business did not suffer too much during her prolonged absence, hopefully it can benefit from her increased notoriety. Can I ask for an update from Lizanne on the blog at some stage, we definitely need some more “bursts of sunshine”!!

  8. JG says:

    For the Followers.

    A much better interview by the excellent Lorraine on ITV who led the interview with her usual expertise and had the five girls all speaking without interruption.

    They look even better now.

    See here:

    You’ll have to sign up but the interview is at the start of the show so you don’t hacve to wade through too many commercials.

  9. Esther B says:

    Thanks for the links JG – the Lizanne interview is excellent, really it’s good to hear from her too.

    Good to have the girls back home xxx

  10. Barney says:

    Yes, thanks JG. I wonder if her best friend has forgiven her yet for missing the wedding!!

  11. Nancy says:

    Congratulations! Wonderful success!!!
    Very interested in results of bodily changes after all that sea time and odd sleep schedule.

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