Leg 2, Day 85 – Dreaming of dry land

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Leg 2, Day 85 – Dreaming of dry land

Lizanne touched on it yesterday in her blog, that now we are finally discussing potential ETA into Samoa within the next 2 weeks, Tony and Meg have booked flights and Lizanne’s parents too, discussions on the oars have migrated to what we are looking forward to the most when we reach land. I thought I’d share with you some of the small things we have missed whilst out at sea for nearly 90days & certain things we are looking forward to …..

1) An ice cold glass of coke, with condensation running down the outside and large chunks of ice clunking in the glass.

2) seeing other people different to the 3 other faces we’ve seen on here for the last 84 days!

3) having the safety net of seeing Uncle Tone, knowing that everything will run like clock work whilst he’s around.

4) greeting Meggy Moo into the team

5) Seeing Sarah Moshman’s smiling face and finally getting to see the documentary trailer that we’ve heard so much about but not seen.

6) asking each other what cocktail we would choose at Sunset (this is a trait started by Nats on the boat) but actually then having that cocktail for real.

7) Having solid food that requires a knife to eat it, that’s not expedition food mush and also where there’s an endless supply that you don’t have to share. Foods of choice on the boat today are; Me – A medium rare steak with chips, salsa and avocado salad, Ems – a bbq, meat, salad and fresh bread, Nats- BBQ of local food with fresh salad and Lizanne- Fresh seafood platter with salad and Watermelon. 8) An endless supply of Fresh fruit and frozen yoghurt 9) A shower!! Followed by drying with a clean,soft towel. Plus an ice bath for me for recovery to help with aches and pains.

10) A clean, fresh linen, spacious bed with more than 2 hours sleep

It seems typical, that as soon as you start to think or look forward to the finish line, it gets further away! The same happened as we neared Hawaii that we got caught at the tail end of a hurricane. Well this time it’s just good old strong winds from the South East that seem to be hampering our progress. Today the swell is reaching around 20ft and we are back to getting a regular dousing from the Ocean. Full air dumps, deck wipeouts and hair washes from the sea, to leave us constantly crusty with salt, a déja vu from leg one.



  1. Paul wilson says:

    It’s good to see the little aims that underpin the aim, what a fantastic journey to follow and I wish you well with the rest of it, hope you get a good helpful surf into Samoa

  2. Hi Laura &Girls wow you are doing so well, hang in there the cool coke and solid food are getting nearer, i just read to Dave what you said about the food and drink and he said he used to feel like that on climbing routes. We are behind you all the way…keep smilling xxx

  3. Simon TY says:

    I cannot picture 20ft swell, I cannot imagine 20 ft swell. I saw in the trailer that there is footage from the boat, and there has been occasional mention of photos. One day describe what you have onboard.

    …..and then show us photos. I appreciate they will all be from within Doris, so maybe no perspective. Or maybe fabulous perspective, waves the size of a bus behind Doris, she on end at a frightening angle ? I assume Doris has enough bulk that she takes a bit to move, so rather than bobbing like a cork, she lurches, always a we bit late, always slightly out of time with the waves ? ( I am not dissing you dear Doris, just saying you prob wouldn’t win Strictly).

    So, one day, try describing each of you 20ft swell. And see if you can put it into words. Words of unbelievable bravery and courage !!!

    Hoping that you are having a good day and that the storm has abated

    Xxx STY

  4. Jim Andrews says:

    I am with Lizanne for choice of meal. You all deserve those little luxuries, you have worked so incredibly hard and sacrificed so much. Typically the wind and waves are giving you another reminder that you have to work through every torturous mile, before your well deserved R&R. I wonder how many of us lesser mortals will be tuned in to witness your completion of two thirds of your epic adventure. I know I will be. Stay Safe. XX

  5. I spoke to your Dad today Laura while I was at Gatwick Airport waiting for my flight home. He mentioned that you are running short of food, and I can see from your blogs that your choice of meals is now somewhat restricted. I can sympathize, having just been subjected to airline food – it made your meals seem almost appetizing ! Hope you are able to make up some miles in the next few days and get ashore to eat those good meals you are all dreaming about.

  6. Paul says:

    Ladies, you’re still conquering the seemingly insurmountable task that you set yourself. Bravo. You’ll be in Samoa before you know it! Safe seas!

  7. Simon TY says:

    I had never thought of looking at weather forecast charts, but I suppose obviously, there they are and pretty impressive. The Apia forecast shows a band of angry, angry orange clouds ( maybe red could share more rain, but the orange one look quite wet enough). The band extends E-W and appears to clear before Samoa. Mind you, and one storm will blow past faster than you row past. Anyhow, another added to my favourites, the Apia local weather forecast !!! Go away Orange clouds

  8. Johnnie says:

    Apologies for being off air for a while. Amazing to see your progress and that Samoa is soon to be on the horizon. Now living in Australia and excited that every stroke of your oars is bringing you nearer rather than further away when we were in the UK.
    Having not read the blog for a while I wonder what has changed most for you as you near the end of this leg? To Hawaii it seemed they were mostly physical – apologies if you have said these but what are the big emotional and psychological changed you have experienced?

  9. Think about you guys everyday you will get all those things and more very soon !! Trying to think of something uplifting and inspirational but I’m no leader so get ya heads down do what you set out to do eat ya mush, I’m sure your all still beautiful even with crunchy sea salt hair xx its probably an overpriced treatment at a spa ??

  10. Simon Teague says:

    Hi Ladies

    Yesterday we held a leadership conference with 35 companies/attendees in Eastbourne and I told your story. AND showed the trailer. The audience were so taken with your story of bravery and determination and LOVED your values. I even had several people in tears.

    You are a true inspiration to everyone who learns about what you are fighting for.

    Keep on rowing – the land awaits to embrace you.

    Best wishes Simon & Andrew

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