Leg 2, Day 9 – Now we’ve just rowed 3,000miles and we will row 3500 more…. (Adapted by The Proclaimers)

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Leg 2, Day 9 – Now we’ve just rowed 3,000miles and we will row 3500 more…. (Adapted by The Proclaimers)

So today is the 5th August and I can’t believe where the time is going. It was the 8th of April that we flew out from the UK and the early hours of the 19th April that we set off from San Francisco. FOUR months nearly that we’ve been out here – ridiculous! Understandably, the question we are regularly asked is, how does it feel? Is it what you expected? Etc. to be honest, the only way I can describe it, is that it is sooooo surreal! I actually liken it to the Trueman Show or the Hunger Games where we’re actually just in a little bubble that is being controlled by others outside of us. Every so often one of us will have a moment of realisation to what we’re doing and where we are. Today I had one those. When writing down in our logbook our mileage for this trip so far, I read our total trip distance: 3,320 miles! We’ve rowed over 3,000 miles! Albeit not necessarily in the right direction, but still, we’ve propelled our Doris over 3,000 miles! You’d think I should be aware of this, but I think I’ve kept myself in slight denial as I find it easier to stay focussed on moving forwards in small chunks and reaching the next goal and the next until we reach the finish line in Australia. This row and all our work with our Sport Psych Keith, has taught us the importance to stop and reflect occasionally so that moments like this don’t just pass and that we reward ourselves (which we’re particularly bad at) in recognising what we’ve achieved. I’m sure however, Keith will be cursing me for not having reflected thoroughly enough before now in order to reach this realisation sooner (sorry Keith!).

So the question is, what on earth has been happening over the last 4 months in the real world?! Our only way of keeping in touch with reality is through the wonderful messages we receive from all of you, whether it’s on our blog comments, our Facebook or to our email Doris@coxlesscrew.com. My parents, bless them, have also been really thoughtful and collected a number of videos from friends and family of mine and saved them to a memory stick so that I could watch them on this next leg to Samoa. This has been so touching and has given me so much motivation to get a wriggle on to Australia, as without wishing time away, I also can’t wait to get home to thank everyone in person for their support. One message in particular I was told to watch before we left Hawaii, was a message from one of my best friends Heather and her husband Adam, in which Heather told me they were expecting their first baby and her belly will be the size of a balloon by the time I get home. As you all now know, this row has made me emotional at the best of times, so as you can imagine, I was a ball of tears of happiness when I watched this video. Young children certainly highlight how much can develop in just 4 months. There was a video of my 2.5year old niece singing ‘row row row your boat’ and chatting away to the camera, which shows how her communication and cheeky character has massively developed. One of my other best friends’ son Harvey, has started to walk since I’ve been away and his older brother has started school. It’s crazy how much has happened, whilst all we do is row, eat, sleep, repeat, but honestly, these messages and reminders of life back home, give us so much encouragement and motivation to get back to hear your stories as well as share ours.



  1. Jim Andrews says:

    Wow I too was surprised to realise that you have been away for that amount of time, as we approach the end of our (not very sunny) summer. It is quite frightening when you look back over a relatively short period of time and see how much has happened and how much the world has changed. The news headlines have generally remained depressing. Cill Black has died, The late Sir Edward Heath is being investigated ref child sex claims. New Horizons has flown within 7000 miles of Pluto. The biggest news however, in the time since you left, occurred today! England bowled Australia out for 60 runs. Life is good. Follow you every day, still in awe of your commitment and courage, great progress being made. Stay safe. XX

  2. Simon TY says:

    Jim beat me too it. You can row to Oz flying your Union flag ( is it just a Jack on a naval vessel ?) high high high. Stuffed the Ozzies. Joe Root ( who looks old enough to be any of yrs kid) scores a Century. I engage in pleasant banter with Claire Feeling-Small.

    Four months ! Amazing. More amazing that you have moved Doris 3000 miles. There must be times when you think the old girl is a bit heavy in the water, not planing as you imagined, even a little sluggish, and each pull on the oars seems barely to keep her going. Well, bleedin eck you have done that for 3000 miles. Unbelievable. Make the next ergo feel like a walk in the park.

    Lots of things will have changed when you get back. And you will have weeks of catching up to do ( and sleeping).

    Row row row yr boat gently across the Pacific, and dont you know ? We think yr all terrific


  3. Simon TY says:

    And I meant to say 56.6 miles is what the log says. Is that a new record ?

  4. Amy says:

    Hello, Another great blog!
    I am following your amazing journey on twitter and the website. I love the map view on your site that tracks your progress!! I have a silly question, how are you getting an Internet connection out in the middle of the ocean? And are there photos being taken along way?
    Keep up the strength and will
    power and know that you are an inspiration to so many people!!!

    Amy Nestor
    Filmmaker / Environmentalist
    Florida, USA

  5. Liz Davey says:

    More importantly Laura, I want to know how the Hawaiian pasties compared with Aunty Marie’s Cornish ones. Xx

  6. Just a few words to describe you all and your adventure……..

    D etermined
    O dyssey
    R espect
    I nspiring
    S upercalifragilisticexpealidocious

    S pectacular
    A mazing
    M omentous
    O ngoing
    A nsome (for Laura)

    And we can think of so many more…………

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