Losing Sight of Shore – Sarah Moshman Blog


Losing Sight of Shore – Sarah Moshman Blog

” You can never cross an ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of shore ” Christopher Columbus

Losing Sight of Shore will be a documentary created by Sarah Moshman about a Pacific odyssey in a 29ft rowing boat called Doris.

The amazing Sarah was introduced to us via Womanthology, an online magazine promoting and celebrating the achievements of women. After an initial Skype introduction between Sarah and ourselves we fell in love with her instantly. You cannot help but feel the pure passion that Sarah exudes and we could honestly not think of anyone we would rather have to tell our story to the world. She shares in our values completely and is one of the most inspirational women we know. She instantly become an integral part of the team and her smiling face at each stopover is almost as good as our first shower! Sarah is honest, compassionate, incredibly talented and we are happily leaving the sharing of this journey in her capable hands. Check out more information about Sarah below and the Losing Sight of Shore Facebook and Twitter pages to keep updated with the latest happenings of the documentary. Check out the trailer below!

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Sarah Moshman is an Emmy® Award Winning documentary filmmaker and TV Producer, but most importantly she loves to empower women! Growing up in Chicago, IL Sarah found her passion for filmmaking at an early age once she realized how the camera truly gave her a voice. She attended the University of Miami where she studied Video-Film and then moved out to Los Angeles, CA to pursue her dream of working in TV & film. Sarah worked in reality television as a field producer for networks like ABC, NBC, MTV, Lifetime and the Food Network. Documentary filmmaking has always been her passion, and it was in 2012 when she came up with the idea to create The Empowerment Project: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things as a way to change the way women are portrayed in the media by traveling around the US and interviewing inspirational women from all walks of life. Sarah’s career has taken an exciting turn as she and her producing partner Dana Michelle Cook now have the privilege of screening the film and speaking in schools across the country about following a dream and not being afraid to fail. The Empowerment Project has won several film festival awards, two Gracies awards including Outstanding Directing and has screened over 100 times around the US and Canada. Sarah is thrilled to be directing her second feature documentary Losing Sight of Shore with the Coxless Crew who have set out to row the Pacific Ocean.



  1. Andy says:

    Fabulous trailer, can’t wait for the full documentary.

    Keep strong,
    Andy x

  2. Ray & Babs says:

    As Andy says a fabulous trailer and having met Sarah, a fabulous and talented lady.

  3. Helen j says:

    That trailer just takes your breath away. Can’t wait see to the finished documentary. Keep going girls. You are so inspiring.

  4. Antonia says:

    That is absolutely brilliant!! I’ve shared to my FB page and encouraged others to look at it. Keep going ladies!!!! xx

  5. Simon TY says:

    Been away, so only just seen the trailer. Amazing. For us armchair rowers that is the first footage we have seen at all taken during the trip. Maybe some has been on Sarah’s website, but have not looked at that. That brief trailer shows more emotion, struggle, effort, “look in the eyes” than we can get from your blogs.

    Amazing. Hoping you having a good day. Rugby World Cup starts tomorrow.


  6. Just caught up with this after a few days away. – Absolutely amazing – xxx

  7. SHYAM PATHAK says:

    Very inspiring trip. Eager to see the full documentry.

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