Nat returns to London town!


So today saw the return of Nats to the big smoke!
First stop was a talk to the wonderful New Level Results team where Laura and Nats talked to the coaches about the row. They highlighted how the Best Year Yet programme was the ‘glue’ that helped keep the structure and focus both on land and on the boat, inline with our psychology work.


Tomorrow will be a day for the team to be with coach Andrew from New Level Results, to take the team into stage 3 – post row plans. Look out for Ems blog tomorrow to hear more about it.

Following Nats birthday last Thursday, 5 out of the 6 (Lizanne was sorely missed!), met this evening for some birthday celebrations. This involved building our own burgers and drinking some champagne in celebration!


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  1. Barney says:

    When 5 are together, can you not do more to include Lizanne, without whom the entire trip would have been in jeopardy? Could you not have had her on a Skype link at the table on an iPad? It is inevitable that she will miss out on these events but in this wonderfully connected world in which we live it is possible to do more.

    Looking forward to understanding more about the ‘glue’. I am sure there are many of us still following your blog although it seems a quiet domain these days. Do you get a “hit count”?

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