Not ideal….but we remain unstoppable!


Try as we might, the universe seems to have been a little against us these last couple of weeks. We have done everything in our power to head West and catch the trade winds that blow from the East to help us in our journey to Hawaii. We’ve battled sea sickness, huge ocean swells and 25 knot winds and we were happy to keep moving when we could stroke by stroke and eventually head in the right direction. This has unfortunately had to be halted for the moment. You may notice that we are now moving East. We have had a frustrating and totally depressing last 48 hours with not only losing one of our MPPT boxes (connection between solar panels and batteries) but now both of them. There appears to have been a leak somewhere in one of the hatches that made its way into the battery hatch yesterday. Despite us carefully double checking everything as well as having all battery and MPPT parts covered in IP65 waterproof cases, battery 2 MPPT blew and just as we had made a group decision to continue on MPPT 1 and battery 1 (as many ocean rowers only have 1 battery to begin with), we lost the MPPT to battery 1 yesterday afternoon!

We have been informed that we can make it back to Santa Barbara and there our intention is to get the battery system looked at and still make it within our weather window to get back out and hopefully make it into the illusive trade winds to complete the first leg of the journey to Hawaii and keep raising the money and awareness for our charities.

Thank you all for ongoing support. It means so much to us.

We will fight and overcome all our adversities as that is what our challenge is all about!




  1. Jessica Hart says:

    Following you girls! Natalia, I am in Los Angeles so would love to try and get to Santa Barbara to see you! Will keep following to see when and where you land xxx so inspiring !!!

  2. Laura says:

    Sad news. I’m sure you are all really gutted to be heading back to land, but through adversity comes strength.
    Good luck girls. X x

  3. Ged says:

    A temporary blip girls….not ideal but all part of your adventurous story! On the positive….glad you hadn’t got too far west before this happened….fix and go go go!! Xx

  4. Liking the never say die attitude!!

    Damn those batteries that scuppered your journey, a quick dock and back out I know you can do this 🙂

  5. Karan says:

    Not good but it will make you stronger. Thinking of you all the way xx

  6. Ben says:

    Ladies, this is not a setback or failure, it’s not a reason to be gutted or sad, row hard and get going again. this is part of the journey which will see you hit the trades, succeed in your challenge and raise great funds! You can do this, this is your time. Smile, hug, and tell the worst joke you can think of! Cheering you on knowing you all can achieve your dream x

  7. Jim Andrews says:

    Gutted for you. Awful luck so far, I hope you can get the problem sorted and continue with a bit more luck on your side. You all deserve it. Keep smiling. 🙂 XX

  8. Anne says:

    I know this has got to be so painful for you, but I also know that you will come out of this and complete this challenge, Get to land as quick as you can and out again as quick as you can – you are all such an inspiration. Good luck and keep smiling.
    All our good wishes are being sent to you and surrounding you with strength and everything that will keep you motivated and safe.

  9. god speed keepsafe royals have babygirl.

  10. pat says:

    Of course Nothing is worth losing you lives over. If you decide not to try again later you will always be heros. Yes you will.

  11. Simon TY says:

    Hope you can see it as just an unplanned two week sea trial. Will pale into insignificance relative to the whole. And actually you may have learned so much that your new start is actually much easier with a wiser. more experienced team

  12. To all the crew, really wise decisions, I count at least 3 “lemons”!!
    “Per Ardua”
    SW Team

  13. You’ve found the weakness in the system under severe conditions. Easily fixed no doubt The strongest part of your system is the Coxless Crew. It is proven as unbreakable. I look forward to following your progress to Hawaii again soon.

  14. We’re so sorry to hear about your troubles. Wishing you a safe journey back to land and a speedy fix to get back out and catch those trade winds. We know you can do it. Stay strong. We’re thinking of you all. Breast Cancer Care x

  15. John Meneer says:

    Stupid muppet box.

  16. D says:

    girls… it sucks. it really does. and i can’t even imagine what you must be feeling right now. but i also know that you won’t let this minor bump stop your journey. we all know what you are capable of. we have no doubts. and we are all here supporting you and thinking of you… go girls!!!

  17. Row Aloha says:

    Murphy makes a lousy shipmate, but you’ll prevail. Keep your heads up and take care of each other and she’ll be right.

  18. Roger says:

    An annoying set back, which I’m sure you’ll resolve when back on land, which I’m sure will make you even more determined to complete the trip. It’ll make your ultimate success all the more sweet. Chin up ladies, channel your frustration into rowing when back out, you’re gonna do this!

  19. Tamsin says:

    Sorry to hear this girls but keep your heads up, keep smiling and singing and you will be back on your way to Hawaii in no time x

  20. Georgina says:

    Girls you are doing so well and I’m sure as soon as you have been repaired on dry land you will be ship shape and raring to go back out x just get to Cali safely and keep smiling we are all thinking of you so much x

  21. Gutted for you but glad you are safe! The Ocean is clearly getting all its hardest lessons in first. Your determination will see you come back out, catching those trade winds, heading to Hawaii soon enough. Hope the pit stop is a smooth and efficient one and the adventure gets back on course soon! Ladies your level headed attitude to the challenges of the last 2 weeks continues to show how amazing you all are. An inspiration! Xx

  22. Amy Bremner says:

    Come on girls! Keep your head up high, Yes a little hiccup but you will be back on Doris before you know it completing your dream! We are behind you all of the way 🙂 xxxx

  23. Bob Thomson says:

    Don’t be down about this, look at it as a big sea trial, so your ready now after a quick refit to go for it next time. The better for it. All part of the adventure

  24. Jenny says:

    Keep going!! Everyone is rooting for you. We know you’ll get there in the end. Good luck!

  25. Andrew says:

    Feel for you girls right now, I know how disappointed you must feel, but very proud of you all for battling through such terrible conditions and staying so positive.

    Your battery issue could be a real blessing that it happened when it did, rather than half way across, with very little options open to you.

    You have all our support!

    Andrew and everyone at New Level Results. xx

  26. Roz Savage says:

    Sorry to see it’s been a struggle to get away from the coast, and now this technical problem. I’ve been there, so you have my full sympathy!

    But please take consolation from the fact that all the best rowers take at least 2 attempts to get away from the California coast. 🙂 And at least you were close enough to shore to get your batteries sorted out.

    Wishing you all power to your elbows, and I hope the wind gods smile on you on Take Two!

  27. You will set out again knowing that you have the strength to cope with those very adverse conditions. Have a good rest and best of luck to you all. Hope weather calms down soon XXXX

  28. Eve says:

    I have been avidly following your progress along with your trials and tribulations. There are always challenges along the way to achieving ones heart’s desires making all of you both physically and mentally stronger. Sending our love to you all and hoping you resume your row to Hawaii soon!!!

  29. Bruno says:

    Hope you make it back safe and sound to get your repairs done. Now you have done some in situ training you will steam ahead back on track when you get back out there. We are all keeping everything crossed for you! x

  30. El says:

    Oh girls such an annoying setback but it will just end up being a part of the fabric of this challenge. Keep your chins up, laugh in the face of adversity, keep calm and carry on!! Sending you so much love – everyone is right behind you. Love you Natty Noodles xxx

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