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The Coxless Crew are a team of six women who, in January 2016, set two new world records when they became the first fours boat and first women’s crew to row 8,446 miles, unsupported, across the Pacific Ocean, from San Francisco, California to Cairns, Australia.  They are aiming to raise awareness and £250,000 for their two charities Breast Cancer Care and Walking With The Wounded.





  • Inspire young people to follow their dreams, open themselves up to the opportunities available to them and achieve their potential.
  • Share the S.P.I.R.I.T of our team and show how with strength, perseverance, integrity, resilience and trust we can achieve anything we put our minds to.
  • Give schools the opportunity to experience the world beyond the classroom through videos, photos and stories from the ocean.



  • A 45 minute talk followed by time for Q&A.
  • Talks can be directed towards a specific year group or focused on an area of the curriculum, for example science or geography.
  • Talks will include events in the speaker’s life which led to the desire to spend 9 months on a 29ft boat on the world’s largest ocean.



  • We would like to encourage schools to get involved in fundraising for our two inspirational charities. Ideas and help with fundraising events can be provided by emailing
  • All schools involved in the schools project will be expected to contribute to our charities either by payment of a speakers fee or through fundraising efforts.



bcc-logoBreast Cancer Care

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and around 55,000 people are now diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK, with around 400 of these being men.  That’s one in eight women.

Breast Cancer Care is the only UK-wide charity providing specialist support and tailored information for anyone affected by breast cancer.  Their clinical expertise and emotional support network help thousands of people find a way to live with, through and beyond breast cancer.





wwtw-logo-pageWalking With The Wounded

As more women join the army and take part in frontline duty there is a greater risk for them to be seriously injured.  As we are an all-female team, Walking with the Wounded have agreed that all money raised for the charity during the row will be put into a dedicated fund to specifically help our injured service women.

Finding long-term employment is one of the biggest challenges facing wounded servicewomen and men hoping to lead a normal life after severe injury.  Walking With The Wounded help fund the re-training and re-education of these women and men to help with their transition after active duty.



For more information about the Coxless Crew Schools project or to take part please contact Emma on or 07841 921252.

For more information about our Pacific Ocean Row please see our website