The Boat

Our lovely boat was built by the wonderful Rossiter Rowing Boats. She is 29 ft long and 7 ft wide, made mainly of Carbon Fibre and is pink! Her name is Doris.


Rossiter Rowing Boats

Established in 1938, Rossiters have been building boats for approaching 75 years. Now three generations into the family an interest in rowing is deep rooted. Family members have rowed for GB teams at international competitions and for Cambridge in the boat race.

Their boat building team have a wealth of knowledge, in addition to working on numerous CE marked ocean rowing boats they have built World renowned racing yachts and luxury cruising yachts plus any manner of craft in between.

The 100% ocean crossing success rate for all boats they have built is something they are very proud of and we are very thankful for!

Rossiter Yachts


In the last five years their boats have achieved the following successes:

  • Indian Ocean pairs World Record
  • North Atlantic World Record
  • Successfully reaching the ‘96 Magnetic North Pole
  • Winning the 2011 Atlantic Rowing Race
  • 3,000km journey down the Zambezi river through rapids and crocodile infested waters