A productive day in Samoa


Today was a productive day for the Coxless Crew team.  The morning involved some important skype chats.  First up was Izzy and excitingly halfway through talking to her we realised that it was the first time that all six of us have been chatting all at once even if one of us was a face on an ipad!  We chatted Australia plans, fundraising events and how Izzy is getting on back at home.

Screen shot 2015-11-04 at 20.09.20

Next up was Ells, our social media queen and the person who has kept all of you guys up to date with how we’ve been getting on. She’s a legend and it was awesome to have a proper catch up and discuss what is coming up.  Stay posted for an exciting campaign!

Next up was snack packs.  LP and Tony went to pick up the food from the shops while Ems and Meg fitted all our extra safety kit to our shiny new Crewsaver life jackets which arrived in Samoa with Tony.  A good chance to get Meg up to speed with an essential bit of our kit.  Once the food arrived Ems and LP set up a packing conveyer belt and we roped in Lizanne’s parents to help on the work force. Ems and Tony headed off to find the final ziplock bags and then get started on boat maintenance.  Happily now that we could test it properly we discovered that the Solbian solar panel which we feared might be damaged is actually working fine so we wired it back up to the batteries and got a few other jobs done.  A final push in the evening finished the packs off and now they are all boxed up ready to be loaded on to Doris tomorrow.  This stopover we are finding an efficiency never previously seen – it must be our desire to get everything finished with enough time to see a bit more of this beautiful island.

While all this was going on Nats was interviewed by Sarah and then spent the rest of the day patiently looking through our footage and photos from this leg to pick out the best ones to show all of you some of the amazing and beautiful images from our journey through the doldrums.

Doldrums sky

Our to do list is getting slowly smaller and although we are all a little bit in love with Samoa we are starting to look forwards to departing on the final leg of our journey.



  1. Jim Andrews says:

    I am enjoying your period of respite, though true to form, you are still focused on the job in hand. What will happen to Doris, post Cairns? Will it be viable to ship her back to UK or have other plans been made? I hope you are all recovering from that extreme test you have all undergone, and are prepared for the big one? Samoa sounds awesome, so you should feel perfectly at home there. XX

  2. Alex says:

    Girls, so proud of what you and your support team have achieved so far. Simply awesome! X

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