We all have our own Pacific to cross.

What’s yours?…

As we spent these months crossing our literal Pacific, there were so many moments where we were challenged and pushed to our limits. What kept us going was knowing that we were not alone. We wanted to hear from YOU.

#MyPacific is a way of sharing your story with us and others to help us all unite in motivating and supporting one another to fight and overcome whatever adversity we are having to deal with. Whether it’s starting a new job, becoming a mother, battling cancer, running a marathon, losing weight, quitting drinking, moving home, public speaking in front of a large group of people…the list is limitless.

Either write to us or better still send us a photo or a short video to share your Pacific. We read every message we receive and draw strength from knowing that every story shared is an opportunity for another story to be heard. We take strength from this deep connection knowing that we are all riding our own waves of adversity and that our journey’s will help us get a better insight into who we are and how we find that strength of human spirit to keep us moving forwards.