An introduction to Lizanne – Rolling with the waves

An introduction to Lizanne – Rolling with the waves

Imagine you’re throwing a dinner party. You don’t know when your guests are arriving, you’re not sure what they like to eat, and you’ve never even cooked before. That is roughly my current situation as I wait for the girls to arrive in Hawaii…

Hi everyone, I’m Lizanne, and I’m a chocoholic

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I am South African, grew up in the UK and am currently living in Cape Town. Izzy will pass the baton onto me in Hawaii and I will row with the girls across to Samoa, where Meg will take over from me and row to Cairns.

I got involved in the row last year and was held as a reserve if ever they needed one…. So I got this call a couple of months ago; “Liz, you still up for it?!”
I have never rowed before – “Yeah sure!”

I have now had 3 months to prepare for a 60+ day stint on an ocean rowing boat; 2 hours on, 2 hours off, 24/7. 3 months to learn everything I can about the sea, organize my practice (which I bought 9 months ago) for my departure, I got myself a no exam life insurance plan even though I don’t usually believe in life insurance (jokes…. sort of) and pick up at least 10-12kg of muscle and fat. It has been a fascinating experience already and I’m not even on the boat yet!

I have started going into the men’s section of the gym and stare at myself in the mirror with an angry face. I have started saying stuff like “I worked my triceps too hard and now I can’t wash my hair”.

I have brownies for breakfast without feeling guilty, I realised I can never have too many eggs and I add butter to everything.

The aspect of the row I’m very intrigued and fascinated by is the mental prep. No doubt it will be a physical challenge, but what will get us all through to the other side is the mental capacity to believe that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Currently there is only one other person who knows what I’m going through- Meg Dyos. She will be taking over from me in Samoa. Look out for her intro blog as she is one of the funniest people I have ever met! She is quickly becoming a soul sister….

We’re both currently just rolling with the waves as we try to prepare ourselves as best we can for something we have never done before. So far it’s been a great ride, and I’m so excited for what is still in store for us



  1. Elmarie says:

    Sooo trots op jou, mooiste kind. Lizanne ons bid jou daardeur, al die pad….!

  2. pat mitchell says:

    Welcome I am sure Izzy will be happy to give you her spot. I read the post daily. I live in USA.

  3. Barbara Daw says:

    I’m counting on you Lizzy to smash those miles and pick up that average speed-no pressure though!!

  4. I wish you many happy experiences on your quest.
    Ek hou duimvas!

  5. Hey Liz, sooo proud of you – you crazy, amazing child. Miss u stacks and can’t wait for updates on your journey!!!!

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