Catch up with Keith

Yesterday Natalia, Emma, Laura, Izzy and Lizanne (via Skype) headed to near Bradford upon Avon to spend the day with Keith, our team psychologist (of Zeus Performance Psychology).  We were hosted by Keith at his beautiful home and spent the day looking ahead at “stage 3” of the row project.  Among other things, we considered what we want to achieve as a team in the coming months, our team dynamics now that we are back on dry land, and what we each want to take from the row individually going forward.

At lunch time, we got the chance to catch up with Keith’s wife Helen and daughter Eloise (nearly 3 now) and Pam, Helen’s mother.  As is always the case when we meet as a team and meet with Keith, we talked all day and could have kept going long after we had to leave!  Thanks to Keith, we left the session with more clarity and focus.

Tomorrow we have another team catch up.  Among other things, we will be polishing our presentation for the Night of Adventure that we are speaking at tomorrow night.  It’s a great line up of speakers and we are really excited to be among them.




  1. Jim Andrews says:

    Great pictures there ladies. X

  2. Barney says:

    Had to read the link about Night of Adventure! 12 speakers each with 20 slides, 20 secs/slide! You will have to be very slick in your presentation! Awesome line up of adventurers. Full house tomorrow. Almost more harrowing than a cross-Pacific row! Good luck!

  3. JG says:

    Have no fear – looking at the list of speakers you are up there with the top achievers on it. You have a head start because the audience will be riveted by the very idea of what you have done.

    20 seconds is quite a long time for a slide. Long enough to pick out a couple of points to illustrate what you are saying. 6 or 7 minutes is all you’ve got to pick and present from 9 months at sea.

    Your problem will be what to leave out. One of the most interesting aspects of your expedition for me as an onlooker was the psychological aspect of how you all got on with each other as a group and dealt with each problem as it occurred.

    That is unique amongst the presenters. A slide of someone in tears or a group hug. The picture of Laura and Natalia with the disputed snacks (sorry- can’t remember what they were!) would be a good prompt

    There is no mention of question time – an essential of any presentation event.

    Best of luck – you’ll nail it.

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