Coxless Crew - Laura Penhaul

Laura Penhaul

Team Lead

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Coxless Crew - Emma Mitchell

Emma Mitchell

Team member

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Coxless Crew - Natalia Cohen

Natalia Cohen

Team member

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Coxless Crew - Isabel Burnham

Isabel Burnham

Team member (1st Leg)

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Coxless Crew - Lizanne van Vuuren

Lizanne van Vuuren

Team member (2nd Leg)

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Coxless Crew - Meg Dyos

Meg Dyos

Team member (3rd Leg)

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Four has become Six!

The nature of an expedition of this type is that there will always be changes and challenges around every corner and, true to this, we have news of a development in team structure.  We are pleased to announce that we have Lizanne van Vuuren and Meg Dyos joining the Coxless Crew. Lizanne and Meg were both involved in the last team selection process, were put in place as reserve team members, and we are now very excited to have them onboard.

After making a difficult but understandable decision, Izzy decided that, due to personal reasons, she can only row one leg of the journey. She has the team’s full support and although it is obviously disappointing for her, on a really positive note, it is amazing to know that she will still be able to share the first part of our story and then will be back in the UK continuing to support the expedition.

Lizanne will be rowing the 2nd leg with us from Hawaii to Samoa and then Meg will be joining Doris and us for the last leg from Samoa to Cairns.