Day 16

Laura Penhaul By

Day 16 started in the early hours of the night with our usual friendly stormy winds and waters as we approached into the Santa Barbara channel. The night seemed especially cold and wet, we all struggled but powered through getting up for our 2hr shifts & having to get back into our soaking wet weather gear. The last shift I certainly struggled to keep my eyes open and according to Nats I started to talk gobbledygook in my weariness! For about three shifts during the night once the wind died down we then had a ground hog moment and it felt like we were rowing through treacle as the currents were against us. Once again we had to draw on some patience whilst we rowed for 2hrs but didn’t move any more than half a mile! Nat and I resorted to singing ‘there were 4 in the bed & the little one said roll over…’ Although we wanted to see how long it would take if we started with 100 hundred in the bed! Each count down was then said in a different accent much to our own amusement!

When sunrise came so did the current and we started to skip along again in the right direction. We had beautiful blue skies and finally today for the first time in 16 days we have experienced prevailing winds and seas which has been bliss!

Just after lunch today we had a boat that approached us and as it came closer to our delight we saw Tony and Sarah with her filming :)! It was so lovely to see them, such a relief and reassurance to have Tony around as we just know he’s got everything under control to support us as soon as we reach shore. Sarah is just amazing to be here and collecting all the footage but she’s also such a huge support and reckon she’s becoming a good friend to us all. It’s also surreal as it really doesn’t feel like we’ve not seen them for 16days!
We’re now coming into the final hour of our approach into the harbour where we are looking forward to a hot shower and most importantly a massive burger and chips with an ice cold pint of coke – can’t wait! Xx



  1. Lorraine says:

    Well done. Enjoy your food and rest.

  2. HI all,

    Hope you enjoy your land legs . A burger sounds great but a pasty would be much better. I’m really enjoying following your adventure. Stay safe xx

  3. Juan says:

    Well done girls!!! Your burger is already on the grill and has your name…. Enjoy your deserve rest, food and shower! Xxx

  4. Simon TY says:

    Does noone want to comment on yr time on shore ? Not want to hear what you ate ? What birds are at the quayside, few whales about. Anyhow, hope repairs going well, hope some of the dirt rubbed off ( though suspect even two weeks of sea water makes the skin look 100 yrs old ?), hope u all in good spirits. There are lots of us behind you…..waiting for the dots to start again, please pronto XX

  5. Jim Andrews says:

    I have to admit I am also sufferring from heroine cold turkey! Looking forward to witnessing the continuation of your epic adventure, wishing you safety and courage all the way. After you have enjoyed some well deserved rest and comfort, of course. X.

  6. Adam says:

    You should add a radar reflector while you’re in port.

  7. Kim H says:

    Girls sending lot’s wishes to get the show back on the road quickly…..however….. since there are hopefully some nice restaurants with wine lists i hope you manage to use the time at shore wisely 🙂

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