Day 3 at Sea

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Day 3 at Sea

Today has been a bit of a frustrating day, but we are learning more about the sea and Doris and the way she moves all the time.

We were in the cabins overnight with a 70m rope looped off the stern to keep Doris steady in the rollers as the weather pushes us South. Em and I were in the fore cabin, which is very snug for 2 people. Laura and Nat were in the aft cabin with marginally more space but keeping an eye through the the night on our position and on the AIS for nearby boats.

We rowed throughout the day although needed one person to steer to keep our position. We are trying not to be pushed too far East back towards land. No whales today but there are some beautiful birds. I wish I knew what they all are. Some look like little penguins and fly by in a hurry. Others are larger and brown and circle the boat. Surfing the waves is fun and we have been singing a bit to pass the time. Laura and Ems are still feeling sea sick but are holding up really well. Looking forwards to Ems’ 30th birthday tomorrow!



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY keep rowing god speed sunshine in London mind the flying fish .

  2. Anne Cohen says:

    Hi Emma – hope your birthday brings good weather and many, many safe miles and your journey becomes easier.
    May the year ahead bring everything you want and need.
    Much love from Bernard and myself.
    Anne xx

  3. Locky says:

    Well done girls. You are very brave and have embarked on a massive task. Just keep looking out. There is no race. Just take it easy. Xx

  4. Lynda says:

    Happy Birthday wishes to Ems and wishes for her seasickness to stop today – that would be a nice birthday present! Well, that and calmer seas!

    Glad you are seeing some birds. Wishing you nicer weather, better sleep and tail winds.

  5. AJ says:

    Isabel. AJ here. The guy that watched Dora all night at Alameda. (I think it was Dora, Dori?) I have an Ornithology background. Sounds to me like Murrelets, but I would need a more detailed description.

  6. Ali Rainer says:

    Keep going girls, you are doing amazingly well.

  7. JG says:

    Well done!! With you all the way.

  8. Alan says:

    happy birthday Ems. Sea sickness is no fun but it will pass. Glad the electronics are doing their stuff….the training day seems ages ago now. Great to see you heading Westerly again, Alan

  9. Simon TY says:

    Hope the sea legs are developing. Wait until the first bird lands on the boat. You will stop rowing ( and bet you give it a name). Hope u still speaking to each other. Happy Birthday Ems.

  10. James Glover says:

    Your small penguin-like bird sounds a lot like a type of Murrelet, which is an auk (completely different family to penguins, but they look very similar). They enjoy feeding out at see on larval fish.
    Is the larger, brown bird also penguin shaped?
    You are all doing so amazing and I’m sure these animal sighting will only become more special as your journey progresses.

  11. Sarah says:

    Hope the sea has calmed and you’re making some progress (I’m the mother of a girl rower from Marlow)

  12. Happy Birthday Ems! What a way to spend your 30th! Go girls! Thinking about you lots…and am hooked on watching the tracker map 🙂

    Nats xxx

  13. Really liking the updates to the Blog for each day, must be tough to battle the weather as well, how are you finding your snacks?

  14. Richard says:

    Great to keep up with your journey so far, Keep plugging on. Happy Birthday Emms for tommorrow!!! Thinking of you all!
    XRichard and SW Team

  15. Champs says:

    Happy birthday super stroke 🙂 what a way to spend your 30th! Keep the updates coming. Feel better soon xxx

  16. Andy Knill says:

    Keep on it guys – you will overcome. Happy Birthday Em and good luck and positive thoughts from all the Marlow SW Squad.

  17. Kim Eva says:

    Really enjoying the daily updates. You are an amazing group of girls, an inspiration to everyone. Enjoy the journey, keep your adrenalin going. Can’t wait to hear all about the launch from Laura’s parents, Babs and Ray. Lots of love Kim Eva ( friends of John & Claire, Laura ) xxx

  18. Laura says:

    Well done Girls!

    I am in awe of your challenge. It all sounds quite scary. I am sharing your progress with my class of year4 kids. We all think you are amazing!

  19. Katie says:

    Great work! Love hearing the updates. Hope you all have your sea legs soon x

  20. Day 3! Loving reading your daily blogs!
    Keep safe girls xxx

  21. Allen says:

    Well done ladies.. Very good rowing – Keep it up.

    The birds you are seeing will probably be Common Murres, related to the U.K. Guillemots. They’ll be feeding on the same food as the whales.. Schools of anchovies.

    The brown birds may be brown pelicans, but is more likely to be a brown/ grey/ black colour.. These would be sooty shearwaters, one of the most common sea birds in your area. They are stunning fliers and are related to albatross’
    Have a good day today. We’re all thinking about you.
    Best wishes.

  22. Shawna says:

    You are a true inspiration to everyone , but especially women. At the age of 40, with my young years behind me and my adventurous years ahead of me(my last child will be out of the house in 8 years), I look everywhere for inspiritation. I’m am fascinated by your story and excitingly wait for each new bit of news! So proud and in awe of you girls!

  23. Pimo says:

    I pray that you are all in good spirits. Your profiles mentions that you will miss fresh fruits & veges. Duly noted! I have taken it upon myself to eat double portions in every meal on your behalf 🙂

    Just wondered if anyone likes banana sandwiches lol I do

    Woohoo, go ladies!!!

  24. Jade says:

    Amazing work girls, still can’t quite believe you are there!! Sorry to hear about the sea sickness but hopefully will pass soon. Sending lots of hugs especially to my roomy Laura!! Keep the updates coming xxx

  25. pat says:

    Hang in there. You are going to do just fine. Strong women. Praying for you safety.

  26. Antonia says:

    I hope you weren’t feeling sick on your birthday Ems! Hope you have had a good day- you’ll always rememebr this birthday in particular!

  27. Caz bullard says:

    Happy birthday Emd- as everyone has said – that a bloody good way to spend a very memorable birthday!! Love reading the blogs and hearing how you are getting on- lots of people at work take their hats off to you all as they have read about it in the newspaper!!
    All gd here, sun has been singing the last couple of days and England nearly feels like it is summery!! Weather due to break over the next couple of days, but rain will do everywhere gd- getting a bit dry and need the grass to grow! (Sorry random chit chat- but when I was away in the desert it was great to hear all the mundane stuff going on at home as it then felt not quite so far away!!) will fill you in with more gossip, but probably not for the group pages!! Are you still on email Izzie, or just on the blog? Take care and keep going! And smiling- singing helps, so does games like just a minute…… Xxx Caz xxx

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