Day 66 – Lessons of life

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Day 66 – Lessons of Life

We were overwhelmed by your messages of support after my last blog. We are constantly amazed and truly humbled to know we have so many incredible people following our journey. You really have no idea how much inspiration and strength we gain from YOU while we are out here in the middle of the big blue. Thank you x


– The race is now on to see if Ems will finish the pot of Nutella first or LP will polish off the Skippy peanuts butter.
– We are all a little overly obsessed with counting down the miles to our rendezvous point on the chart plotter.
– We’ve divided up the remaining sweets now our snack packs have run dry. Swizzles new range called drumstick Squashies are definitely my firm favourite! I’ve only got one pack left and I’m going to save them for when I see Tony and Sarah at the meeting point.
– Sadly our black bucket is no longer functional. We are now using the red bucket for all occasions!
-We still have our nighttime escort of mahi-mahi travelling with us.
– We have seen our first Brown Boobie and are looking out for other new birds – We are now within VHF range for the US Coastguard sector Hawaii and get to hear all their announcements.
– Izz and I saw a shark attack a mahi-mahi on our morning shift!

Outside of our routined existence where everything else is insignificant, we have all the time in the world for contemplation. If you haven’t all already gathered by now, I’m the ‘everything happens for a reason’, ‘lt’s all about the journey’, ‘learn as much as you can from your eras of life’ kind of person and I’m definitely the most ‘let’s wish on stars’, ‘salute the fading sun’, ‘stop to hear the silence of the night’, back to the moment member of the team.

So…apart from a handful of (understandable) frustrating episodes that have been shared, I defy anyone to not be mindful out here on this magnificent ocean. It automatically happens every day from watching the birds soar gracefully around the boat, to being mesmerised by the the ever changing waters and skies.

There have been many simple lessons that have been highlighted to me during my various journeys and many are similar to the ones being reinforced and reflected upon out here on the almighty Pacific. They are nothing new, nothing revolutionary but always need to be remembered… I think.

1. Everything changes

2. We may not be able to control the situations that we find ourselves in but we can decide how we choose to react to them.

3. When you find yourself in nature there is always something of the marvelous to be experienced.

4.Love your body in whatever form, shape or size it comes in. Your health is one of the most important things you have, so cherish it. Rejoice in your body’s adaptability, strength and resilience.

5. Have belief in yourself and the strength of others

6. Pay attention. It’s all about the small things

7. Learn how to laugh – at yourself and with others.

8. ‘Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints.’
Travel responsibly and respect our planet.
We all have a part to play in the future of our oceans. We need to be mindful not to add to the existing plastic pollution and take steps to prevent this from worsening.

9. Challenges will come in many disguises and hit you from all angles. Face them head on, one by one and even if you find yourself caught in a current – keep rowing.

10. Wherever possible – be in the present moment. That’s where the magic happens!




  1. Helen j says:

    You so inspiring. Everything you said at the bottom on you blog is so true and I will be taking these things on board with our everyday life’s.

  2. Michael says:

    Been following the “fearsome foursome” everyday from the colonies and so happy you have had a safe journey…Have fun and plenty of rest in Paradise! Looking forward to your next part of the journey…Congrats….

  3. Nat, and Team,

    You not only inspire us all with your deeds but your worlds too!! Fantastic lessons for us all to take onboard (forgive the pun) to reconect with life!!

  4. Tara says:

    Sat waiting for you on the beach in Waikiki, and waited, and waited. It look you an extra six or seven hours against the Molikai currents and I heard from my cousins who stayed on to welcome you to Hawaii that you were vibrant and full of enthusiasm. Now, after reading your blog I understand why. “Day 66” is an inspiration to us all.
    I didn’t get to buy you a drink at the yacht club, but I sure did enjoy their photos and your words.
    Row on sisters. We’re all watching and cheering for you.

  5. Tara says:

    Please add me to your blog followers

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