Day 8 at Sea

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Day 8 at Sea

For those of you that may be following our tedious dot of a tracker, you may be wondering why we’re still cruising down the west coastline of America rather than punching out West to Hawaii. Well it’s certainly not for lack of trying. As some of you are aware we’ve been encountering some very high waves, along with high winds of over 25 knots means big seas. The seas have been like a roller coaster ride or better still, when you’re hand steering Doris over some waves, it can feel like you’re controlling a 29ft boat on a bucking bronco! Great fun though! Today when we woke we thought we’d be in for a good weather change and could start cracking on with getting in some direct west mileage, however a brief phone call with tony soon alerted us to the fact that we had a 12hr window where winds would settle then be picking right back up again, through the night and to continue to expect the same for the next 48hrs in the wrong direction to us in – yey!

However, it was reassuring to all of us to hear from tony that this first week at sea is not the norm for everyone and that we’ve had some extreme weather conditions. We’d been beating ourselves up a little bit because we’re struggling to get West and started to think the sea state was the norm we had to suck up and get used to- good to know it’s not! So after rowing into the dark tonight we’re back in the cabins with a line out the back of Doris to help guide her along the waves.

Few direct messages: – Adam: thank you for my lovely card and note brought a tear to my eye which I thought it would. Love to you all and so proud of what you’re achieving too as a family and with the house. X

– Wendy Hilton: think it’s ‘fruit’ as the answer to your layer question???

– Michelle & Paul: seriously day. 8 card cracks me up! thinking though Paul you may need some drawing lessons, certain illustrations look like a dog bone & guessing that’s not the intention?!

– Kym friends with John and Claire – thank you for your mail.

Before I start getting myself sea sick again from staring at this screen, I’m going to sign off for now and look forward to catching up in a few days xxx



  1. Sara says:

    hello team
    must be very frustrating working so hard without making much headway. our thoughts are with you and hoping you get some fair weather soon. special love to Ems hope you are getting our messages. doggie say hi xx

  2. Paula says:

    Hey, lovely to get a blog from you Laura! Just to let you know we’re all wishing the wind to change & glad to hear that your sea sickness is manageable now!We I’m tracking you daily, take care & remember your promise 🙂
    Keep rowing & stay safe.

    Paula x

  3. Simon TY says:

    On the map you look to be almost at yr most westerly point yet. Well done XX

  4. Lynda says:

    We have had unusual wind on the west coast (SoCal) with wind advisories the past 4 or 5 days so it’s no wonder you are frustrated! Glad you have a good advisor and have messages from friends. Keep up the good work!

  5. Catherine says:

    I’m sorry the weather is being so unkind to you.

  6. WOW! you’re really making progress now, nature throws it’s worst at you and you’re taking it in your stride, liking the progress awesome, just awesome 🙂

  7. Cure for seasickness (always works) find a tree and sit under it never of luck x

  8. Mick says:

    You’ll spend days, weeks, months at sea over many years wondering if the rubbish will end. IT WILL. Bite hard, you will be rewarded. Xmick

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