A productive day in Honolulu


Today was a productive day on the beautiful island of Honolulu.  This morning Nat, Izzy, Tony and Ems headed to the Hawaii Yacht Club to get started on our boat maintenance to do list.  We audited the remaining food, added new footstraps to the boat, replaced the seat bearings with all new ceramic bearings kindly sent out by RM Bearings and got on with a whole lot of other DIY jobs. Ems has become the resident boat DIY queen and had a great day wielding  a drill and a spanner.

While we were doing that, Lizanne and Laura were off at Costco and Walmart buying the food to go in our snack packs.  They arrived back with a car full of dried fruit, nuts, cereal bars and porridge oats and then we set the parents to work dividing them up in to individual portions.


This afternoon we also had our most exciting media commitment yet involving hair, makeup and an entertaining photo shoot.  Watch this space to see where we end up in October.

This evening we finally have a bit of a rest.  Our amazing host families from the yacht club are looking after us like their own and Donna has made Cornish pasties especially for Laura, and Loretta made delicious chicken and rice. Yum! The hospitality we have received by these incredible women has been mind blowing and we really can’t thank them enough. It is making our brief experience here so much richer!

We are generally so amazed by the reception we have had on the island and the generosity and helpfulness of everyone we have met that it will make it very hard to say goodbye at the weekend!


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  1. Mark S says:

    So ladies….your on the Island of Oahu (the gathering place) and Honolulu is our Capital City…Waikiki where you are (at Hawaii Yacht Club) is the tourist center (or suburb) of Honolulu. Dont think Honolulu has mad it to its own island yet…though some around town might disagree….Aloha

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