Leg 2, Day 4

Lizanne Van Vuuren By

Leg 2, Day 4

It’s day 4 already and I’m not entirely sure how we got here!

There has been a stark contrast between the chaos of preparing to leave your life behind for a few months, and the gentle rhythm of our daily lives out on the ocean. The past few days have blurred a bit for me as I try to gain some sea legs, but already we are queens of routine and together we might know every lyric to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

I’ve always been very respectful of the power of the ocean, but I’ve never seen so many sides to it. Predominantly there has been big swell and waves coming from all angles. For me these splashes have been welcomed because it’s a brief break from the sweltering heat. Ps. We cover up really well and pack on the sunscreen.

The two aspects of the row that I was most curious to find out how I would react to was the tight routine schedule and the night shifts (mild fear of dark water). I am happy to say though that these have become two favourites of mine. The routine adds an aspect of certainty amidst an ever changing ocean, and the night shifts are cooler and currently lit up by the moon (I still wouldn’t swim in it though!)

The amazing things we’ve seen so far: huge fluorescent blue Mahi Mahi fish escorting our boat away from Hawaii, swarms of birds appearing from nowhere for a fish feeding frenzy, a night-time rainbow, the sunsets and sunrises lighting the sky in a fluorescent pink, and lots of shooting stars.

Doris is currently riding the waves beautifully, and is truly like a little cork bobbing on the surface of the ocean. She has gained my full trust in proving herself to be a sturdy stallion to get us to Samoa safely

Love Lizanne x




  1. Jim Andrews says:

    Sounds iddylic. Long way to go and a lifetimes worth of newcexperiences

  2. Jim Andrews says:

    I really don’t know what happened there…..but to continue! A lifetimes worth of experiences yet to unfold. Welcome to our world of long distance communication with strangers, who, are in awe of you amazing young women. The commitment, courage and endurance you are all putting into this adventure is nothing short of heroic. Enjoy every moment that you can and stay safe. XX

  3. Wonderlik Lizanne!! Dink baie aan jou xx

  4. JG says:

    Great blog Lizanne, full of enthusiasm and positiveness, Great member of the team. Hope you get ‘sea legs’soon! Keep safe and have fun.

  5. Barbara says:

    Go Lizzy,happy to hear that you have gotten into the routine-hope the sea legs settle soon. Hope the strength training is paying off .keep safe. Love the rose tinted sunglasses .Barbs x

  6. You are making great progress – told you it’s easier

    going down hill!! xx

  7. Simon TY says:

    Lizzy, welcome to the mad house. I gather one of the games was looking at the Wall, explaining who everyone is. Well, they can do it again. However, this time the challenge is for them to make up every story, and then keep it consistent. I am a multi millionaire who has climbed Everest seven times. Laura is the daughter of my old Headmistress and used to do the paper round. We met again sky diving in Alaska. That should start you off. Now the next person

    Hope all good. The heat sounds like beginning to get quite a problem……

    Cilla Black has died aged just 72. Oh, no, chuck. Mind you, you all too young to remember Blind Date. Come on, nooomber three.

    Hope you having a good day. We just off to bed in Blighty.

  8. Barney says:

    Welcome to the Pacific Bloggers Club Lizanne. Looking forward to reading your blogs comparing life as you find it compared to as you expected to find it.

    A nighttime rainbow? Did you girls take alcohol on board in Hawaii?

  9. Carla says:

    Great Lizanne! Hope you have a fabulous time!!

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