Leg 2, Day 76 – Laughter

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Day 76 – Laughter

Laughter is one of my favourite joys in life. It can connect people without saying a word, or it can be the connection that brings friends and family closer together. It can lighten the mood, lift the tone, end quarrels or be the bridge to falling in love. No words, just a simple shared humour in thinking something is funny.

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they laugh, or what they laugh at. Laughter is so individual you can often pick someone out in a crowd by the sound of their laugh. I think sometimes one of the best sounds is the belly laugh of someone you love.

We weren’t taught to laugh. It’s something inside us that we were born with. Everyone can laugh; deep down stomach aching laughter, explosive laughs, silent laughs (me!), high pitched, low pitched, laughs that make the tears stream, laughs that make you fall off your chair, laughs that make you struggle for air, a child’s laugh, a cheeky laugh…. The thing I like about laughter is you can’t fake it, but generally you never need to as it’s as contagious as seeing someone yawn. They say time’s a healer; personally I think laughter is even more so.

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On the boat we have bonded blood, sweat and tears. These have been grounding moments, and plenty of deep meaningful chats to set the world’s troubles right, but the moments I will cherish far beyond my destination in Samoa is the endless laughter we’ve shared on the boat. They are moments etched in my mind that will make me laugh again when I think of them back home, unable to explain to anyone asking “why are you laughing?” We often talk about it on the boat; how will we ever explain any of our jokes to people?? The answer being; you can try, but they won’t think you’re funny. The truth is these are the moments we’ve all built together, so special that between the six of us they are memories we’ll cherish and remind each other of at our 10 year reunion. I already can’t wait!

Still going South. Woop woop! It was so hot today I think we all died a little. We’ve been downing our SOS rehydrate drinks to keep us hydrated!!

LP took the opportunity to clean the barnacles off Doris (which is supposed to speed us up 0.5 knots!) as we’ve not seen Fernando for a few days.

We swapped rowing buddies today, Ems and I are reunited.

Oh! And Megs amazing mum and partner have contacted Oreos to see if they can help us out so that the girls don’t run out in the last leg. Absolute LEGENDS!



  1. Andy says:

    So true that Liz. I was actually smiling away just reading it.
    Hope you have many more laughs (and Oreos).
    Andy x

  2. Jim Andrews says:

    I am sure there is a biological/chemical reason why laughter makes us feel so good, it must release some chemical or other in the brain? I love crazy contagious laughter, where you forget why you are laughing,and don’t really care. Just as pleasing, is a smile from a stranger. I don’t want that to sound as weird as it does but when I walk my little mate (Buster, our rescued Westie) very often other walkers pass with a friendly smile, reciprocated by me and it leaves a warm feeling, it also advertises no ill intent. So glad to see your progress over the last few days, not so long now, before the euphoria of a hot bath, cotton sheets and a proper sleep and I would think, a lot of smiles and laughter. Well done on today’s uplifting Blog Lizanne, keep up the heroic effort and stay safe. XX

  3. Michelle says:

    After all you girls are going through, you still find the energy to laugh! You are a great team and we are so proud of your journey so far! Can’t believe Laura braved the cleaning to encourage Doris to row faster… Well done me ansum xx

  4. Simon TY says:

    What do you laugh at most ? Wisecracks, absurdity, jokes remembered, uncoordination ? Is it hysteria ? Looks ? Silly walks ( well equivalent if you cannot walk) or voices ? Have you tried a whole day in, say, Irish accents ?

    It looks like just the last 500nm to go, almost 80% of the way. Amazing as you went through a “this isn’t funny anymore” patch a few weeks ago. Hooray for laughter.

    God speed,be safe

  5. Ray P says:

    I have spoken to a number of people over the weekend who are following you girls and everyone has said how amazed they are that you can all write such lengthy and fascinating blogs day after day, week after week, month after month, speaking as you father Laura please NOT year after year. Ref Fernando, he’s obviously lost interest after noticing the lack of Oreos and snack packs being consumed and doesn’t fancy the expedition food filling!!

  6. Chunky says:

    Like Rays says we are all amazed that you all write so well everyday, giving up some of your valuable down time. Do you actually type it all in on mini keyboard/ipad or do you use voice program?
    Keep going down the map.
    Stay safe x

  7. JG says:

    You’re right Lizanne, you can tell a lot about someone seeing how they laugh and what they laugh at. In your situation clearly laughter is the cement that keeps everything together. I like smiles and a cheerful smile from a perky receptionist or a happy check out girl has the power to make my day. There is so much of ‘don’t make eye contact’ and treat everyone is if they are a potential pervert these days that it saddens me. I smile at all sorts of people as they pass or I meet them in a doorway etc and I am gratified that mostly my smile is returned. Perhaps being 74 years old puts me in the harmless and past it category! I find it rather comforting and certainly very pleasant. Samoa creeping ever closer – that is so well done. I dont trust Fernando – please be careful! Keep safe the Crew.

  8. George says:

    It makes us smile whenever we see you guys laughing. extend our regards to Doris.

  9. Esther B says:

    Another fab blog Lizanne and so pleased to see it is a happy one! I love laughing too and the fact that you are still cracking jokes and finding things to laugh at is testament to you all and your wonderful spirit. The miles are slowly but surely ticking away and Samoa is ever closer…..

    Come on Oreo!!!

    Lots of love to all xxx

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