Leg 3, Day 46 – Christmas on Doris


Day 46 – Christmas on Doris

As the clock struck midnight and Christmas Day on Doris began, Nats and Ems rose early from their slumber and made hot chocolates all round ready for the first annual Doris carol concert. Dr Mitchell provided a reading of ”Twas the night before Christmas” and then Miss Dyos conducted her choir through a repertoire of Christmas songs and carols. Fortunately neither Izzy or Lizanne were present as the standard of singing and knowledge of lyrics were somewhat lacking although made up for with huge enthusiasm and lots of laughter.

Christmas morning dawned grey and windy with some big swell. It was feared that plans may need to change but LP and Megs put out a line while Ems and Nats cooked Christmas lunch and Doris kindly drifted along at a speedy two knots in the right direction while the festivities took place. We had a plethora of cards and presents to open including sweet treats, some presents for a Pacific pampering and festive headgear and glasses.

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I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to experience a Xmas in the middle of the almighty Pacific with 3 amazing women. Fortunately for me I am used to being away from home, family and friends during this time of year so I just busied myself getting excited and enjoying what has to be one of the most unique festive periods ever. So many presents, messages of support and well wishes, sweets, sparkly things and even an early morning visit from Eduardo (a great Xmas gift as I haven’t seen him for 2 days and feared he had headed home to spend Xmas with his family!) MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. Love, ocean magic and glitter coming your way.
Natalia x

This has certainly been a Christmas that I’ll never forget. Although it is very strange being away from my family it has been an amazing day out here on the beautiful Pacific. It started with the best carol concert I’ve ever been to and was filled with festive cheer. I can’t think of any three people I’d rather have spent such a unique day with unless Izz and Lizanne could have been here to join us. We have been spoilt with so many messages of love and support from families, friends and supporters and feel we have shared our day with you all. Now for some Christmas pudding to finish off a rehydrated Christmas dinner! Yum!
Emma x

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The carol concert was certainly a great way to kick off the festivities under the moonlit sky and at the state of our singing, you would have thought it would have scared off the wildlife, however it seemed to have the opposite effect! Doris became the Noah’s ark of the Pacific last night, with not just one Boobie landing on her but FOUR! Plus a Petrel, all at the same time. In my eyes it was a Boobie for each of us and a petrel for Doris, with their presence a sign of support. As I mentioned yesterday, Christmas Eve is anevening I never wanted to miss at home and so a phone call in the morning gave me a chance to speak to each of the family. It was the only point in the day that I felt overwhelmed with emotion but lack of signal wasn’t helping. Anyway, I dusted myself off and after 5mins of self talk, I was back on the boat and enjoying every second of being in the moment. My Aunty Mary had sent out a Christmas pudding, so We steamed it in a Tupperware and made some custard – it was delicious! This Christmas really is one I will never forget, for the generosity of our families and friends, the beautiful messages of support worldwide and without a doubt, the humour we have shared as a team. As Ems mentioned, having Izz and Lizanne here too would be the icing on the cake, but otherwise these ladies certainly put a smile on my face and had me chuckling into the early hours. Happy Christmas to all! Laura xx

What a day! If you had told me this morning that today would have been as good as this I never would have believed you! Christmas is always an emotional time when you’re not with family and friends. However, sitting on the oars last night I was thinking of people less fortunate than myself, and am extremely thankful for the family that I will be seeing in the not to distant future. Christmas on Doris has been everything and more than I expected. Last night telling the story of ‘Elf’ to laura in between wafts of Boobie poo from our onboard zoo, and then this morning I got to speak to BBC radio Kent, and have munched on chocolate coins consistently. We have had lots of laughter, and are feeling extremely lucky with the conditions that the Pacific has offered us today. Being able to put out a rope and roll with the waves in the right direction at 2 knots is the best Christmas present ever! This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and one that will be remembered with three totally awesome and inspirational babes. Wishing you a very merry Christmas from onboard Doris. Meg xxx



  1. Alan Watson says:

    Happy Christmas to you all. Great to see you making such fantastic progress, let’s hope the weather gods keep smiling on you. Will raise a glass to you all later,

    Alan (Raymarine)

  2. Andy says:

    Merry Christmas ladies!
    I have just descended from the fells in the Lakes. I set off this morning in the dark with my daughter to lay flowers and watch dawn break at the place where I spread my late wife’s ashes. I told her all about your challenge and what you are raising money for, she would have joined you given the chance.
    Enjoy the day and God speed.
    Andy x

  3. Jim Andrews says:

    Lovely Christmas messages Ladies, as I type this, I believe you have just crossed over to boxing day. I have just prepped our Christmas feast (12 seated today) the smells emanating from the kitchen are quite pleasant, just sipping a bucks fizz and enjoying carols from the chapel of Kings College, Cambridge. My lovely lady has presented me with thoughtful gifts, we spread the gift giving thing throughout the day. Two very happy little nephews are playing in the living room, life is good.
    Sadly life is not so good for such a large percentage of our species. Starting at home, the residents of Cumbria are having a dreadful time, they are currently being flooded for the third time in a month. My sister Rosie was a policewoman for 30 odd years and she told me she always felt sad at Christmas because it was the worst day of the year for domestic violence, against women and children. So though I enjoy all the good bits, I reserve a place in my heart for people who are sad today. This year I also reserve a place in my heart for “my girls”, as you are referred to by my friends and family. I think you are all very brave, inspirational and nice people, you are going to be discussed at our table today We salute you. Stay safe. XX

  4. Happy Christmas Day to all of you on board the amazing Doris…….

    So, why don’t you ever see Father Christmas in hospital………

    Because he has private elf care!!!!!!??

    Lots of good wishes and love (especially to Laura) …….

    Linda, Peter and Richard xxx

  5. JG says:

    As Jim says you are a day ahead of us here but I hope your Xmas was as good as it sounded.You mentioned a possible change of plan. Would that be to strike landfall further south thus avoiding deteriorating weather around Cairns? Glad your drift has been good – lets hope it continues as long as possible. Pleased to see that you are all tethered to the boat when out on deck. My Xmas was/is good.I love my grandchildren dearly and have enjoyed their company enormously. We have them at home tomorrow and later, before they go back to school, a sleepover here – so lots to look forward to. There’s also your arrival in Oz and completion of your expedition to look forward to.

    Joke: Ronnie Corbett: A man who threw his mother in law into the crocodile pool at London Zoo has been prosecuted by the RSPCA

    Take care Keep safe!

    • JG says:

      One thing that has struck me as I look at the pictrures you post here and that is how amazingly well you all look. Bright eyed, clear skin, golden tans and brilliant white teeth. I suspect that the mid Pacific is one of the healthiest places on earth. Here the poor old NHS is bracing itself for a deluge of hypochondriacs. Know where I would rather be. Both grandchildren have running colds and I’m hoping that the flu jab will hold the bugs off – my state of health doesnt allow for bugs. Thinking about you this festive season.

  6. Merry Xmas girls! Better late than never. I hope you enjoyed your curry! Just think how fortunate you all are, think of us poor souls who will now have to eat turkey gor days and days and days and days……. etc. Glad to see you all together. Enjoy the rest of the festive season. XXXX

  7. Antonia says:

    Merry merry merry Christmas girls! I was telling the whole family- 10 of them- over Christmas lunch about all your adventures and so they too will now be tracking your progress. So even in the midst of turkey and all the trimmings you were thought of, admired and special Santa wishes were winging their way to you all. You would have had the best view of him streaking across the sky of course….. With love from a total stranger (although of course we probably all feel we are with you in spirit) Antonia xx

  8. pete mewton says:

    Thanks for sharing your individual experiences of your very unusual, unique Christmas Day. I greatly enjoyed them and felt I was, in a small way, sharing another dimension of my xmas. Bit envious of the wildlife guests at your party.
    Was surprised you found the space to pack santa hats for the occasion. You are mad, nutty women but I’m sure that spirit has helped you to succeed. So keep on being a bit nuts and a lot successful!
    Heres to a fantastic 2016 for you all.

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