San Francisco Day 9

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San Francisco Day 9

Today was an exciting day.  It started with a real pick-me-up as we received a fantastic video message of support from the team at Breast Cancer Care, who were all merrily rowing in their office!  We then headed off early down to Svendsen’s boatyard to continue the final bits of work on Doris.  It was a busy morning, with some DIY, last minute shopping, and lots of packing things into small spaces.  Sarah Moshman, who will be making a documentary of our row, was there with her amazing team filming the final preparations. Laura’s parents, Babs and Ray, and aunt Wendy joined us mid-morning and were immediately set to work packing up the sheepskin to cover our rowing seats and labelling our team mugs.

doris into sea
At lunchtime Doris was lifted into the water, where she will now remain until she reaches Australia in around 6 months time!  It was great to see her back on the sea and to feel what it is like to row her fully loaded.  After saying goodbye to the lovely team at Svendsen’s boatyard who have hosted us so generously, we rowed Doris across the Bay to Pier 39.  The row took us just over 4 hours.  We went with the outgoing tide, but there was a stiff onshore breeze to contend with and plenty of passing craft, ranging from stand up paddle boarders to 200m+ tankers!  We rowed 1 hour shifts, rather than the 2 hour shifts that we will be rowing once we are out on the ocean.  It was great to be back out rowing Doris.  Despite a little sea sickness, we made it across smoothly and even spotted some of the local sea lions on route.

Doris is now moored at Pier 39 where she will be until we depart for Presidio Yacht club on Sunday morning.  Our arrival was followed by a dinner for the team with Tony and his partner Claire, Sarah, Emma’s parents, Laura’s parents and aunt, my parents and a friend of mine Will who is in San Francisco.  It was lovely to get everyone together and have a relaxing end to a busy day.  Tomorrow we are looking forward to interviews with Sarah for the documentary and final bits and pieces to get Doris ready for the big departure late on Sunday night.

doris to pier 39



  1. Hi Amazons! I have a little question for you. Do you have a practical bit comfy seat for your bucket and chucket, and have you practiced the procedure in the boat before you go, in case you need to make any changes? Xx David

  2. caz bullard says:

    great to hear all the final prep is going well- huge huge gd luck and keep us all posted xx

  3. Unbelievable amounts of good luck. Already sounds like you are having a fabulous time. Much lovexxx

  4. Simon TY says:

    Have emailed good luck. Where do emails go ? On a wall ? Can we read all yr messages of good luck XXX

  5. Helen j says:

    Glad everything going according to plan. Will be thinking of you all around 5pm our time on Sunday. Can’t believe it is d day. I can remember when Ray, Laura’s dad said what she was going to do. What with all the ups and downs it’s really here.!!!!!

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