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This week has been a busy one. After returning from Slovenia after a great two weeks away as assistant leader on a personal development programme with children from Churches College, Petersfield, I have been bobbing between Kent and London. Two weeks with seventeen, fourteen year olds where I crossed paths with Ems only once who was also out there, was brilliant, but I’m also happy to be back doing Coxless Crew bits.

I’m back working one day a week doing some freelance sales, and stepping into an office after all of this time was hard, but something that was inevitable in order for me to keep more time free to share The Coxless Crews story.

Yesterday I met up with Nat, Ems and Izz at Izz’s work Powell Gilbert who have been a huge support to us, and we gave a talk to them in the office over lunch. It was quite informal, and I just love talking about the row with the girls, it really makes our talks come alive when we can relive the memory together.

Today I then went to Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Faversham and gave a talk to the Sixth Form. They have been raising money for our charities, and were such a brilliant audience. I never thought that we would be able to talk about losing sight of shore and continuously rowing to get to land in relation to revising for A Levels, but today that happened – it was so fantastic speaking to the sixth form after the talk and hearing them say that they were inspired.

In other news yesterday we were invited to Buckingham Palace to present the Duke of Edinburgh awards in May which is VERY exciting to say the least!



  1. Ray says:

    Oh dear I can see a lot of clothes shopping coming up, well done girls for being asked to do the presentation.

  2. Sounds as if you are having a good time Meg and doing good at the same time. Great news about the Duke of Edinburgh awards, love how you casually put that in at the end !

  3. JG says:

    Seeing your comment on 6th formers I remembered that I sent a link to Oundle School and was just wondering if it came to anything. I have also had to change my email address thanks to BT refusing to accept forwarded mail any more !

    Aside from that – well done Meg this is the hard bit.

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