Due to an electrical charging problem the Coxless Crew have taken the decision to return to California whilst the weather forecast is favourable to do so.  There is no imminent danger to the crew and they’re expected to make landfall in the next 3-4 days. More details to follow.



  1. Jim Andrews says:

    So sorry to hear of what I hope is a glitch.

  2. Disappointing for you all but without power the girls would be at serious risk so best decision is made. Could Doris get a tow back and will they set off again when/if problem solved?

  3. Rich keith says:

    Rats. Will be watching for updates. Sorry ladies. Colossal bummer.

  4. Simon TY says:

    When you set off again, the weather can only be better. And you will have learned Soooo much about the ocean, Doris ( and each other) that second time it must be easier ( is easy the right word). Hope the electrics can be fixed asap and you can get back on your way pronto XX

  5. pat mitchell says:

    Will you start over soon. If its not safe you are doing the right thing . Many obstacles will be there to deal with. All things happen for a reason. Only God knows the plan. So trust in him to make the correct path for you.

  6. Im wondering if it’s been an issue since the start there was updates on their track being delayed, and might have been getting progressively worse 🙁

    Must be gutting for the crew but you will be back soon and the currents will be in your favour to Hawaii

  7. Helen says:

    Hopefully this is only a hick up and you will be able to start again. Good luck

  8. so sorry about your problem I hope like everyone that you can get it fixed and be back on track remember these true words I can I will I must every one around the uk and the world are following you and are so very proud of what you doing

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