We crossed our Pacific!


It has been an overwhelming whirlwind of emotions, celebrations, media commitments and Australian hospitality and friendship since we reached Cairns yesterday morning. Our feet haven’t touched the ground and it seems so surreal that we have completed this amazing once in a lifetime challenge and will not be getting back on to Doris.

Arrival hugs - Courtsey of Losing Sight of Shore


Our final approach to the Marlin Marina saw us being escorted by a fleet of sailing boats, hobie kayaks and other small craft and as we got closer we saw the crowds of people on the wall. As soon as we all saw our parents cheering us home we were all overwhelmed by emotion. A press conference, a cold drink, some fresh fruit and a tasty burger awaited us on dry land. Since then we have been blown away by the support coming at us from so many people.

Over the next few days we will be spending time with families and trying to catch up on a bit of sleep so will be only writing short update blogs but once back in the UK we will be resuming normal blog service as we return home and continue the Coxless Crew story. We still have a fundraising target of £250k for our charities Breast Cancer Care and Walking With The Wounded.  Among other things, we are excitedly planning a fundraising gala dinner to take place in April in partnership with Inspiring Women, which will be a fantastic celebration of our row and our charities.  The journey isn’t over yet!

Tony and his angels - courtesy of Losing Sight of Shore



  1. JG says:

    Good luck with all that.

    Job well done. Now for the next challenge – fundraising.

    One of the things I have appreciated most on this website, and indeed after 19 years on the internet, was the total lack of any controversy amongst the blogposts from the followers. (Apart from one idiot)

    It has been a pleasure and memorable to participate in this history making occasion – Jim and Simon particularly.

    • Jim Andrews says:

      Oops, missed those kind words, as I was typing simultaneously. Right back at you JG and kindest regards to Simon TY. Best wishes. Jim

    • Barney says:

      When Debra Veal rowed solo across the Atlantic in 2002, after her husband and rowing partner had to pull out, the headlines ran something like “And the winner is the boat that came last”. She gathered a huge following with her daily texts and certainly has gone on to big success.

      One of the aims of the Coxlesscrew when they set off was to set the fastest crossing of the Pacific. Not sure that was ever possible but some comments on this blog have been aimed at increasing the speed of the row. Nothing wrong with that. As Tony has written, the girls were not in a hurry (save for the last week maybe!)

      Personally I have read and been interested in the alternative views and suggestions and I am sure Tony will not have been phased by them. As we have discovered, he is eminently qualified to have been the Team Manager, and he rightfully takes his place in that photo.

      As for the lasting effects of sleep deprivation caused by those grueling 2 hour shifts, only time will tell. I sincerely trust the girls will have no lasting effects, but none of us can be sure.

      Yes, the blog has been a very social place to be for 9 months. My glass is raised to Lizanne, may her effort and contribution not be forgotten. Meg is getting her 15 minutes in Cairns, Issy hers in UK, but let’s not forget the dynamo that lifted us all in Leg 2.

  2. Jim Andrews says:

    I shall have to wait for the release of “Losing Sight of Shore” as I seem to have missed any coverage of your arrival, here in the UK. Apparently there was coverage on BBC News at One, which airs (unsurprisingly) at 1 pm, while a good percentage of the nation are at work. Nothing at all on the later bulletin at 6 pm but, in fairness, there was extensive coverage on the very sad passing of Henry Worsley. Well done Ladies. YOU DID IT! I would have loved to have witnessed your triumphant/emotional/historic arrival in Cairns. Enjoy your Families, your rest & recuperation, enjoy Australia and I believe, Australia day. Enjoy some pleasure food and all, that you wish for yourselves. You have most certainly earned it. I look forward to your return to the UK revitalised and hopefully prepared for a few television shows/interviews. Thank you all for sharing this great experience. Best wishes. XX

  3. Kevin says:

    What does the bottom of Doris look like after this journey?
    Would love to see a before/after picture of the boat!

  4. Esther B says:

    Good to hear from you girls and to hear that you are taking a bit of well earned time out with your families and a good burger! I feel so proud of you all and I can’t wait to see what you do next. Lovely photo of you in the Telegraph today. With lots of love to you all xxx

  5. Thank you for a blog, any blog just to give us a crumb of comfort! We were all a bit lost and pathetic.
    Seriously, hope you have found your land legs, enjoyed the reunion with your families, have had some lovely fresh food and sleep.

    We are in Fuerteventura and have been trying to catch news of you via iPad. Whilst BBC breakfast didn’t manage to speak to you they did show footage and talked about your achievement. Lunchtime showed more but nothing since that we have seen. Alan has complained to the BBC!!!!
    Also, he wants to know when you are setting off for the row back?!
    Have fun xxxx

  6. Ho’omaika’i ‘Ana Mai ka ‘ohana Hawaii Yacht Club!

    We are so proud of all of you and we hope that you’ll come visit us again here in Waikiki!

    A hui hou kakou Aloha Pumehana!

  7. Well done girls. It has been said so many times but can I say it again , we are so very proud of you. I love the photo of you girls and Tony. It is such a joyful and happy photo that you can cherish for the rest of your lives.
    I want to thank every one that has taken part in this journey , for the positive energy that has been exchanged among followers of the blogs. Everyday I have seen as much forward to the comments as to the blogs themselves. As JG said there was a coherence among the followers.
    Can I take the opportunity to say a special thank to JG , Simon and Jim . Like the girls you have lighten up our days with your well articulated comments.
    Laura, Natalia ,Emma and Meg soak up every precious moment with your family when you can and the experience in ausie land.
    We would now like to welcome our heroes back at Heathrow.
    Love you all XXX
    Still keep safe

  8. It was wonderful to see the arrival on Breakfast News yesterday (put the telly on specially!) although sad we didn’t hear from you personally but I should imagine you were getting some much deserved sleep! So delighted for you that the reception was all that you deserved in Australia and can’t wait for news of your arrival back in the UK – with a hope that the media might give it some big coverage!! Well done to all of you and enjoy your time with families and friends. Look forward to hearing the story continue….!

  9. Mike S. says:

    Great photo of you supporting Tony but what a risk he took being held by four women who hadn’t been with the male species for so long & he could easily have been dropped with four girls doddery having not stepped on dry land for such a time ha ha.

  10. It’s hard to describe what it felt like watching Doris come in, we have all been waiting so long for D Day ! As you can imagine there were buckets of tears as they were greeted by family and friends. The Australian crowd were fantastic, they gave the girls a rousing reception and the media presence was incredible. Everyone here has been so kind and supportive, several people even asked when they were leaving to row back ! Doris did look a bit sorry for herself, no longer the vibrant pink that she was when she left but we gave her a good clean up yesterday and she is being packed into her container for the journey home today. For me it was a great experience to see Doris taken out of the water on Monday afternoon – I watched her being put in the water in San Francisco and saw her come out in Cairns. Like her crew, she deserves a rest !

    • Anke says:

      Laura’s aunt Wendy! So glad you were able to meet the girls at their destination. I had the pleasure to chat with you in Alameda as they were getting ready to row off to Pier 39 in San Francisco. I’m happy for the girls but miss them already.

  11. Holly says:

    Congratulations, ladies, on a job well done! So happy to see you back on land, safe and sound. Pamper yourselves for a few days, as it sounds like you will be back in a whirlwind of business soon enough.

    So glad to see the blog will continue. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me feeling so abruptly alone, although relieved for you, when the journey was completed. But then I saw other comments expressing the same feeling, so felt better : ).

    Can’t wait for the documentary!! I will tell you now, when you would mention sharks circling or whales breaching close to Doris, I would secretly worry for you. I didn’t want to express my worries, out of respect for you and family and friends. I’m sure other readers were feeling the same way. So, congrats again on your success and bravery, knowing the dangers you faced, but not letting it stop you. Best of luck with the fundraising!

  12. Jan R says:

    What a happy ending to a great story! After seeing the extensive media coverage of local, UK and other international media it was nonetheless best to hear from you directly! Congratulations again for this memorable achievement – it would be great to hear a recount of those fresh fruits and burgers at the reception, that first shower or those first nights in a real bed just for you! As said before, can’t wait for the documentary to be released, even that will likely take several months of patience. How far are you from your fundraising goal? Enjoy these days of glory, they are so deserved! Kisses to the seven of you xxxxxxx, Jan

  13. Lovely write up and photo in the daily paper ‘Britain Today’ on board Queen Mary 2 ……… Will bring a copy home for you. Look forward to your arrival back in the UK and a safe transit for Doris.

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