A little pampering


This morning we were very well looked after by Hairdressers@Work, who very kindly donated their time and skills to help Nats, LP and Meg feel a little more human again!


A far cry from the all purpose soap and water bottles we had to use on Doris, this hair washing experience was rather wonderful. Good quality shampoo, a head massage and the end result of clean, soft and manageable hair!  They were a little shocked to hear that Nats went 54 days without washing her hair in leg 3.

LP went for a short cut and shape, whereas Meg and Nats opted for a simple trim and blow dry. The before and after shots say it all! A HUGE thank you to Antonella (owner), Shannah and Holli.

Ems will be getting her hair done tomorrow as she was busy sightseeing with her mum this morning.

Hairdressersatwork 3


Hairdressersatwork 4

Hairdressersatwork 6

The afternoon saw each of us heading back to spend quality time with our respective families and doing some more exploring of the local area. Collectively we have been snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, hugged a Koala, visited Port Douglas and Daintree Rainforest, done a river cruise to see crocodiles, travelled on the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and train, done a bungee swing, eaten so much amazing food and frozen yoghurt and are slowly getting back into a monophasic sleeping pattern!! x




  1. Jim Andrews says:

    Bleddy ansum, that Cornish maid is Cornish made! Hope you all feel as good as you look. May the pampering continue. XX

  2. Ray says:

    Hard earned and we’ll deserved it all is.

  3. Wow ladies you looked amazing before, and now you look like a $million$ dollars!!!

    I’m a little shocked reading about Natalia’s hair 😀

    But undoubtedly you’ve earned it…

    p.s You’ve done more in a week than I’ve accomplished in all the time here! 😀

  4. Holly says:

    Yes! So deserved! You all look great. Love the haircut. It must feel so great to have soft hair that you can pull your fingers through without being full of tangles and salt! Keep getting pampered and take time to have more fun.

  5. Antonia says:

    Lovely, must’ve felt like heaven! How’s the sleeping? I’d be really interested to know how it felt to stretch out solo, and not set an alarm. Did you make more than two hours? Or did it leave you feeling awake after 3 and feeling weird?!

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