Day 1 at Sea

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Day 1 at Sea

The adventure begins. Izzy and Ems rowed us out and under the Golden Gate Bridge at 2.30am. The plan is to get as far west/south west as possible in the next 36 hours before the wind is due to pick up. What a long 24 hours Day 1 has been. Feeling seasick seems to be taking its toll on the girls and Laura particularly. It’s so frustrating as there is not much I can do to support except distract and try to ensure that all of us are drinking lots of water. The wind has been mild and the sea calm. At one point the water looked like black inky rolling hills and we spotted 3 dolphins, a sea-lion (who we named Bruce) and lots of birds that strangely look like penguins when in flight! We also had a little incident where Ems and Izz found themselves attached to a buoy. We had to go out the back port hole and managed to cut us free. I feel ok just really tired…



  1. Suzy James says:

    Well done girls,I’m sure you’ll get your sea-legs soon enough!

  2. Kim H says:

    Laura, i’m sending lots of good vibes to you for those sturdy sea legs to arrive pronto!

  3. Crispin says:

    well done ladies! Keep up the good work. Laura so sorry to hear of the sea sickness, so cruel after so long trying to get in that boat! I bought a rowing machine at the weekend I’m going to try and keep up with you from the garage! ( I did 15 mins and nearly had a heart attack!) we are all wishing you well xxx

  4. Tracey says:

    Good luck girls I will be following you all the way x

  5. Anna says:

    We are all glad to know you’re all going strong and please know we are all thinking of you. Ready for your next updates to share with the crew.
    Anna M.

  6. An ocean row is full of wonder…..

    Not least because you will feel thunder……

    And never far from your first chunder!!

    Rubbish I know but once the first few days are behind you it will feel easier I promise.

    Go Coxless Crew brilliant effort!!

  7. Janet Kear says:

    Good luck to you all I’m sure the seasickness will settle down

  8. El says:

    Nat, and all the girls – well done hon and hope the seasickness subsides!
    Thinking of you loads and sending loads of positive rainbows your way!
    Love E xx

  9. Peter says:

    Good luck to all of you,

  10. sarah says:

    Its good to know where you are and that you are well, despite the seasickness, which I’m sure will pass as time goes on xx

  11. Incredibly jolly well done Ladies. What a supreme effort. You must feel thrilled to be underway notwithstanding the seasickness. Warmest regards to Bruce and keep rowing!

    All the very best.

  12. Thinking of you every row of the way x

  13. Kim Banea says:

    Good luck ladies. Just read your story on I am an American living in Cairns – I hope to greet you guys when you arrive! šŸ™‚

  14. hope all that training keeps you well, all that tiredness is just your body burning off the American high fructose corn syrup that is in every food šŸ™‚

    You’ll get a burst of energy by day 2 I’m sure, hope you’re all able to sleep, great to hear you have a dolphin escort/flotilla to keep you company too

    Still cheering for all of you!!

  15. Pimo says:

    Although it’s paddling I thought I’d comment. I used to do long-distance outrigger ocean races and loved it. I was never afraid of being pounded by waves no matter how rough it got and I imagine you all are the same. I knew I would suffer the first few miles due to the burn in the shoulders and gripping. But after that you won’t feel a thing, you’re numb – that’s when you are one with the ocean and can go for hours non-stop. I’m excited for you ladies and will be following you from New Zealand.

    Go Team N.I.L.E.

  16. Leanda says:

    sorry to hear about the sea sickness Laura, hopefully after a few days it will ease. An amazing feat getting to San Francisco and were following Doris, looking forward to the next update xxx

  17. Doug says:

    Very proud of you 4 on your ambitious adventure.
    What happened @ 19;00UTC? Were you thinking of coming back or something else?
    Wishing you much needed luck, hang in there

  18. Onwards and upwards girls,you have all the thoughts of all those people who have sponsored you, they are with you all of this journey.
    X David

  19. Day 1 down! Well done girls! Dolphins on day 1, how amazing!
    Sending love and strength to you all!
    Can’t wait to read about day 2!
    Love you loads Nat!
    With you all the way!
    All my love Dan xxxxx

  20. Simon TY says:

    Go Go Go. Well done. We must all keep up a barrage of messages as it will get lonely out there after a few days. Seen any whales ? Nice moon ? Dig in XXX

  21. mike says:

    great to follow you on this trip. Keep strong, Barfing feeds the fish – no waste !

  22. Rashid says:

    Go girls! Long journey ahead. Stay positive be strong. The body follows the mind. Hope you feeling better Laura x…. Sending you all love and power xx Rashid and Yasin xx

  23. Techie Kev says:

    Good luck on your journey, an amazing challenge you have undertaken for great causes, will be following your progress daily. Hang in there, you will get into your rhythm and adapt to the conditions. Your all very inspiring

  24. Keith says:

    In case someone hasn’t already said it, if that seasickness gets worse or goes on for a long time, it could be life threatening. Know when to say when, and the USGC has had to pull people because of that plenty of times already. I hope everyone comes back friends, and that everyone has their adventure.

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