Day 2 in San Francisco

Day 2 in San Francisco

Yesterday started with an hours yoga and core workout in the local park in the sunshine along with the dog walkers, dancers and other exercisers.

After some work back at the apartment we headed out to do the shopping for our snack packs with the amazing Anna from Svendsens Boat Yard. After experiencing the nightmare Friday afternoon traffic in San Fran we finally made it to the massive Costco and loaded up 3 large trolleys with dried fruit, nuts and chocolate. We made it to the checkout and were mortified when none of our UK cards were accepted by the Costco system (note to anyone shopping in the US!) To our embarrassment we had to accept Anna’s offer to use her card and then pay her back. Now we just have to pack them up into 220 individual day packs and then fit it all onto Doris.

photo 3photo 1

We also heard from the customs brokers over here in San Francisco today and it seems like there’s going to be a little bit of a delay getting hold of Doris. Her container has been selected for inspection by customs but we hope to have her at Alameda Marina on Tuesday. We’ll keep you posted if this is likely to affect our departure day.


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