Day 4 – Take 2

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Day 4 – Take 2

After a night on the para anchor we were back on the oars at 6am this morning and have spent the day trying to go west. If you’re watching our tracker you’ll see that we are (very) slowly going south west in the right direction. It’s hard work out on the oars and we are mainly rowing with our right oar trying to hold our bearing in the unfavourable wind. First thing this morning I was finding it quite hard to enjoy life on Doris but after some fresh air on the oars with a cuppa I’m feeling a lot happier about our slow and steady progress. Our team is still strong and regardless of the situation we find ourselves in we always find something to giggle about. Laura and I spent a lot of our last shift on the oars singing all the songs we could think of which contain a reference to the weather. In the last 24hrs we’ve had sunshine, rain, rainbows, clouds, wind of varying strengths and a beautiful sunset and sunrise. It’s funny to think of everyone back home going about their normal lives while we exist in our little 29ft bubble.

Today’s meal of choice: mild chicken korma
Today’s condiment of choice: tomato ketchup
Today’s favourite snack pack content: dried mango
Today’s podcast of choice: the best of Nick Grimshaw
Today’s song of choice: Walking on Sunshine
Today’s beverage of choice: tomato soup
Today’s fashion accessory of choice: pink beanie

Frustratingly we are now rowing against the wind and current and struggling to make ground west but we are powering through with the help of some power ballads and the Backstreet Boys and we’ll see where we are in the morning.



  1. I feel for you all struggling against unfavourable wind and wave but am full of admiration of your sheer guts. Looking at the Pacific weather charts shows an improvement ahead of you with winds veering easterly eventually. Just hang in there Coxless Crew – you will make it.

  2. Anne says:

    As John says, hang in there – the winds WILL change and it will be full steam ahead. We so admire all of you for your determination and never whinging. We think of you all the time and follow every pink dot on the way. Our love to all of you and a special kiss and hug for Natalia.

  3. Jim Andrews says:

    I have no idea where you get your strength/inspiration but my admiration grows every day. Well done for what you have achieved so far, for maintaining moral individually and for the team. Not envying your rations or levels of comfort but very jealous of your strength of character. Best wishes. X

  4. At least it’s not ‘Raining Men’! 🙂 Go Doris girls!! You are a-maz-ing!!!!!!! xxc

  5. Simon TY says:

    First thing every morning, check the BBC, check the market, then check the dot. Hope soon the wind will turn, then you will fly. Are you out of the whale zone ? Any turtles ? Albert ? Red fish ? Bat like birds. Come on girls, you have a bird book now. Is cold and wet here: not as wet as you though. hope u get brilliant sunrise, lovely folloowing wind and sunshine. Laura, I have been in toucch with Claire Small who now has my Ashess tickets and sendds lots of love and good luck. S XX

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