Day 5 at Sea

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Day 5 at Sea

The Pacific has been kind to us today – it must have known it was my birthday. Last night was pretty uncomfortable stuck in the cabins with big rolling swells and I wasn’t feeling too good this morning. But then the sun came out and the wind died down ready for a beautiful day on the oars. My first rowing shift with Nats finished with birthday surprises. There was singing, balloons cards and presents and then the finale was a video reel from Laura with a combination of photos of the row so far and lots of photos of me when I was little (thanks parents!) We still have a little bottle of champagne to toast the day with later. Thanks to everyone for the birthday messages as well. It’s really nice to get little messages from home and the real world! Thinking of everyone back at home and what you’re all up to.

Today was also the first day I have felt well enough to eat more than oatcakes and boiled sweets. Freeze dried shepherds pie has never tasted so good! Laura is also back in the eating crew so it’s all looking up on Doris. We are also making progress west again – about time!

Our bird friend Albert is still around looking out for us today and we’ve also seen some big red fish. None of us thought to bring a book about birds so if anyone can help us to identify Albert he is large and brown with long thin wings. There were quite a few of them closer to shore but only Albert has stuck it out with us. We’d also like to know what the birds are black and white and look quite a lot like penguins.

Today has been a good day so bring on the night shifts and let’s hope this weather is here to stay!



  1. Phil Steels says:

    Happy 30th Emma 🙂 Glad all is looking up for you all. Sorry can’t help with the birds. Take care Phil Steels xx

  2. Simon TY says:

    Good that everyone feeling a bit better. Have you called him Albert cos u think he is an albatross ? Suspect a Petrel if much smaller. Onwards and backwards !!!

  3. Debbie K says:

    The penguin type could be a razorbill. Good luck in your journey, I look forward to reading this everyday.

  4. Brown bird might be an Hawaiian Petrel, a good omen perhaps which way does Albert fly perhaps this he is your guide 🙂

  5. Good to hear sea sickness is passing and that you are now making progress. Tracking your progress is addictive. Hope the weather remains kind to you. Keep going girls we are all with you xxx

  6. Well Done girls, glad things are better, my dad is 89 and mum 87,and everyday they ask how you are all getting on,I explain about Facebook and the Blog,I think they thought you had a massive ship to shore radio,so Big Love and keep going from Mr and Mrs Roberts from Pool Redruth.Hope the weather remains favourable and the sea is kind. Big Blackrock love.

  7. david says:

    Happy birthday Emma, love uncle David and auntie Lyn. Xxx

  8. Susannah says:

    Great work ladies, getting back on to real food is a major milestone!! I think Albert may be a sooty albatross, we saw a good few of them off Monterey in the Pacific Race last summer (although I couldn’t identify them until we hit dry land either!). Keep up the good work and enjoy the moments you’re in, the future will take care of itself. Much love, Susannah (Pacific Warriors and CUW)

  9. Daniel says:

    Glad you are back on course. The mysterious flying penguin is probably a guillemot (or something similar).

  10. aj says:

    Aj here. I tried to post a response about the birds earlier. Must not have made it. The big bird sounds like albatross and the penguin types; Murrelets. PS. Ornithologist. ESQ.

  11. mike S says:

    Good to hear you’re all ok. Have you any fishing gear onboard. I suppose some of you must like Sushi.

  12. Helen j says:

    Glad both em and Laura are feeling better and you had a great bday. It’s weird but I just have to check your progress everyday and it was great to see you have turned a corner, so to speak. Even my 12 year old son keeps asking how you are doing. My hat goes off to all of you. You go girls.

  13. Jayne says:

    Happy birthday Emma, you won’t forget what you were doing for this one! You’re all doing great, and I’m loving reading the updates. Keep strong xx

  14. Danielle says:

    Keep it up girls!! You’re doing so well!
    I hope Nat has a camera with her can’t wait to see the photos.
    Love and strength
    Danielle xxx

  15. pat says:

    glad all is well just checking to make sure you all are safe and OK. I guess the bird is good luck.

  16. Sophie logan says:

    I think your really brave keep rowing good look from sophie age 7 xxxx

  17. Karl says:

    I am increasingly concerned about the lack of westerly progress. Are you heading south to catch a prevailing current or wind? Or are you fighting currents and or wind?

    Wishing you calm seas and strength!

  18. Allen says:

    You’re doing very well. I just looked at the forecast for Hawaii and there are strong Easterly winds there.. Keep on rowing ladies, you’ll get there soon!
    In my last reply I gave you an idea of the birds you’ll see.
    Have a look at how they fly .. the shape of their beaks and their size. Any small differences in colour are useful in identifying them… However have a great time and enjoy all the sights, sounds and smells.

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