Farewell Santa Barbara

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Farewell Santa Barbara

Our stay in Santa Barbara, although unexpected, has been a good one. We have fixed up the issues we had with charging our batteries and also had time to deal with a few other little niggles we had after 16 days at sea. With all the DIY completed in the morning and Doris ready to go we were able to take the afternoon off and have a well overdue chance to relax and enjoy a rest before heading back out on the ocean. Nats and Laura headed to the beach whilst Izzy and myself went for a walk up to inspiration point to enjoy the beautiful views which stretch out to Conception Point which we’ll be heading towards when we set out later. We also enjoyed a very tasty last dinner in the clam bar at the marina. Today we are off to pack our personal kit in the boat and then meet Sarah before heading off ensuring that our departure take 2 is recorded for the documentary. A blog post isn’t enough to thank all the incredibly kind and supportive people who we have met here and we’d love to visit again when we have more time to appreciate it. We have been overwhelmed by the support and following we have had from home whilst we were at sea. If you want to get a message to us while we are rowing then send an email to doris@coxlesscrew.com and it will get forwarded on to us. Receiving messages of support and the happenings of the real world brings a smile to our faces in our little bubble on the ocean.

Signing out from the shore. Next stop Hawaii!!!



  1. Pimo says:

    Seagulls are (talking) outside, has me wondering if Albert is a relation of theirs and they are aware of 4 souls rowing across the Pacific. If so, I hope the many years of feeding birds from my lounge window (every morning to this day) brings good karma to your crew. Although I imitate sparrows chirps and whistle quite well, seagulls are more emphatic with their communication style so I won’t attempt it since I may be mocking them 🙂

    Anchors aweigh!

  2. Karl says:

    Wow, you guys are really hugging the coastline on your way to the Point Conception. Better currents or smoother water, perhaps with the kelp?

    I am assuming a left turn coming up shortly.

    Hoping you guys get some calm water, if not now, soon.

    How about a pic of what you hands are looking like at some point?

    Wishing you westerly breezes and progress,

  3. Allen says:

    Glad that you have enjoyed your enforced rest. Have a brilliant time back on the water, getting into the swing of rowing again.
    Best wishes.


  4. Simon TY says:

    Looks like you are about to leave the coast again. I hope with new enthusiasm, a real understanding of what you can achieve, and a fire in yr bellies. And more whales today probably xx

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