Going home for a while…


We had lots of fun on The Saturday Show this morning with Matt Barbet and Gaby Roslin before we all went our separate ways. The plan is for us to head home for a week to our respective families and give ourselves some time to reflect on the journey we have just completed.

This will be the first time we have been apart for the last 9 months!

The Saturday Show


**Daily blogs to begin again on Monday**

All 6 of us will be writing over the next few weeks to keep you updated with our reflections, insights, comings and goings, ideas, events and readjustments to being back on land.



  1. Jim Andrews says:

    I thought you were great, loved the mock up Doris! Enjoy your special catch up time with your special people. XX

  2. JG says:

    A well earned R&R

    Planning your next adrenaline rush?

    What will it be this time?

    The first all girl sled team to the South Pole?

    In about three weeks time the final group of 4 out of a total of 14 women will have setup world records in Ocean rowing.

    And all for charitable organisations

    Blooming marvellous.

  3. J.G. You won’t be very popular with the parents if you put ideas like that into the girls heads !

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